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Who am I not?


Many of us if not all still ask ourselves this question day in day out απϑ most often we come up with different answers every time. I cannot tell you who you are nor can you tell me who I am – We all have to define ourselves.
In defining ourselves, the main mistake we often make is basing our definitions on one or more of the following categories:
1) What we look like
2) What family we come from
3) What we have in material possessions
4) What people say we are

Defining yourself by the standard of what you look like is one of the ‘wrongest’ ways to do so. We all like to dress nice απϑ look good but if you are the ‘best dressed person or the hottest chic’ απϑ someone comes in on a particular day dressed better than you are or with a higher degree of hotness, you lose your identity. You’ve lost who you supposedly are yet you still are so ….. Who are you?
Some of us are also fond of defining ourselves by the family we come from. Quite alright family is key in practically everyone’s life but finding who you are in ‘Do you know who my father is?’ is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. I say this because one day your father will be no more or he just might leave that position that makes him ‘who he is’ απϑ then ….. Who will you be?
Material possessions are also a common definition standard for us. ‘I have more money than you’, ‘My clothes are more current than yours’, ‘Your weave is cheap, mine is Brazillian hair’, ‘I have a blackberry απϑ you don’t’. All these are just possessions that can be taken away anytime απϑ then what? We’re back to square one …. Who am I?
απϑ the almighty universally accepted standard – what people say we are. Ever heard ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’? Well, most of us say we don’t but still we act like we flipped the book over απϑ read the summary so we base our judgements on that. As much as we’re all encouraged to build our self-esteem, some people just cannot be encouraged to move from that low level because of hurtful comments telling them who they are not. Discovering who you are helps you to stand up to the ‘you’ created by others απϑ tell it that it is not real!

There are many other standards we tend to define ourselves by απϑ hence not really answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ That is one question many people die without answering but I believe that who you are is defined by your ultimate purpose for living. Discover your purpose in life, discover who you are. But as easy as that sounds, it requires a lot of soul searching, taking time out to study yourself απϑ ultimately finding yourself in God’s word.

‘Who am I?’ is not answered in a day. It is a continuous process of finding out …. Even the seemingly most accomplished people in life are still finding out who they are everyday.

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24th July 2011

Our weekly quickie this week is …….

Procrastination is a sin – Live a holy life!!!
– Bondess007

As much as possible this week, try not to put off till tomorrow what you can do today. If it can be done at that moment do it then; putting it off for even five minutes can change everything because life is spontaneous – no matter how much we plan, its just gonna happen as it wishes.

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Au naturel on another level ….

My mum decided to have a mini facial today ~ a do-it-yourself facial at home απϑ so she asked me to join her. I told her I’d have mine done when I was ready so she went ahead without me.
I decided to make my mask απϑ use very natural, easy to access materials for my facial.

For scrub:
Granulated sugar or crushed sugarcubes.
For mask:
Honey, Milk, Fresh eggs, Cucumber slices
The scrub is applied first usually in order to remove the dry skin that has ceased to serve its purpose. I decided to use sugar because of the coarse texture of the sugar granules. The rough nature helps to act as a sponge to remove the dead skin απϑ open the pores for cleansing.
Next, after thoroughly scrubbing your face απϑ rinsing, apply the mask. To prepare the mask, mix the egg, a little milk, about a teaspoon of honey απϑ beat thoroughly. Then apply, gently massaging into your face απϑ leave on for 15-20 minutes. Apply to all areas of the face avoiding the eyes. You don’t necessarily need to use all the mask at once …. The remainder can be stored in the fridge απϑ used whenever needed. The cucumber slices are placed over the eyes after the mask is applied.
After the allotted time, use warm water απϑ a clean cloth to wipe off the mask before washing off the face απϑ rinsing.
Cucumber helps soothe skin irritations απϑ the slices on the eye help reduce the dark circles απϑ swellings around the eyes. It also helps with puffiness απϑ redness around the eyes …. Just call them natural eye pads!!!! Egg whites are also wonderful for the skin. It is said that they tighten your pores – firm them up απϑ the honey acts as a moisturizer for your skin giving it an extra glow.

1) This is a concoted mixture so you attempt this at your own risk!!!!
2) If you’re allergic to any of the ingredients then do not – I repeat DO NOT – attempt this home made facial!!!

Anyway, have fun creating your own recipes and feel free to share them with me. You can also send in unique or just plain weird treatments or family recipes you just want to share. Send them to … I’m waiting!!!

You can also check out other great benefits of cucumber to your skin, some amazing uses of honey and beauty benefits of eggs. Just explore, get your mind working and save a lot of money. 🙂