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And the winner is ….

Okay! Today I was home all day …. Watched Amped TV(#BBA tinz) till the power went out, was on twitter for a while, bbm as well, bla bla bla απϑ all through this, my sister was asleep!!!
Well, she’s been crowned ‘Olorun of Nigeria’ because she sleeps like there’s no tomorrow …. She wasn’t the only one in the running though. 😀 ….. A friend of mine had her sister on a sleepathon too απϑ the race began for the title of ‘Olorun of Nigeria’
Said friend’s sister who will hence forth be known as Miss E led the first round by sleeping at about 10pm last night απϑ waking up around 7 this morning. My sister Miss R, as she would be known hereafter was lacking behind by a mere 30minutes as she slept at about 11pm but was up for 7.30 this morning.
Round 2 began with Miss R going back to bed at about 9.15am απϑ Miss E a couple of minutes before at 8.50am. This was a pretty short round with Miss R emerging victorious after a round of five hours less ten minutes απϑ Miss E with a mere four hours forty minutes … So close yet so far!!!
Time for the tie-breaker round – Ding! Ding! Ding!
We open this round with Miss R shutting down at 2.50pm απϑ Miss E a mere 5 minutes before at forty-five minutes past the hour. The race was close with both falling into really deep sleeps but ultimately Miss E lost the race by sleeping till 3.30pm – barely an hour to Miss R who kept it up till 3.45 before finally getting up to start her day!!!
απϑ so Miss R was crowned ‘Olorun of Nigeria’ at 4.00pm on Thursday 21st July 2011! Ladies απϑ gentlemen, it was fun down here at the sleepathon with lots of goodies – icecream, chicken wings, pizza απϑ the likes! Well, I had fun so I’m hoping to see you next year at the sleepathon.
Remember you’re not too young or too old to enter … Its open to all ages so till next time, practice your sleep because it just might be you next year …. ;D

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19th July 2011

This week our weekly quickie is …

Every finish line signifies the start of a new race.
– Bondess007

As you go about the week remember that the end of a phase doesn’t mean life’s over. Its just that another phase is about to start … You take off from where you left off and even better than before. So keep your head up and smile all through. Enjoy the rest of your week 😀

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Changing rooms or Different mirrors???

Its amazing how many times I say ‘I’ll get to it’ or ‘I’ll do it later’ in a day. And its not like I’m busy doing anything, I’m just being lazy … I’ve been ‘getting round’ to posting this blog for a while but I keep posting it. No pun intended.

Anyway, what’s been on my mind lately is one whole jungle of words and events … From family to friends to school and stuff like that. But basically all through one thing kept running through my mind … People change!!!

Half the time I’m trying to help others sort out their issues which is not a bad thing per se but when I find out that one of the parties involved has been playing me half the time, it gets personal on a whole other level. He had me believing that two of my very best friends had become very vicious animals but luckily for me, I went into the settlement with a very open mind.

Basically, we all say people change. I believe people change as well but when you assess the situations around you, do you really think it possible for everyone to have changed? Maybe its just you. You’ve become a better person so you have to make new lifestyle choices or you’ve joined the wrong set of people and all of a sudden your usual crowd just doesnt cut it – All in all, people dont change but you do! As paradoxical as it sounds, its true … Next time you feel like everyone around you’s changed, assess the situation and see but still all this is just in my opinion …