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Amplified Action!!!

Okay by now its no news that Karen Igho, our very own Nigerian princess – most of you would argue with that word – was one of the winners of Big Brother Amplified. We all kind of expected her to win, at least I did, but Wendall? Now that was a surprise!!!
The whole Amplified experience was just sort of a blur for me at the beginning. I was in school when they went into the house … As a matter of fact I had a paper the very next day so my mind was not on Big Brother. Soon after I got home though, my sister updated me – who was who, what was happening and stuff like that. And my Amplified journey thus began …
There is no doubt that the house would have never been the same had Karen been evicted early, she was like the livewire of the house. In all she did, she entertained Africa … Even Big Brother looked forward to her chat room sessions I’m sure. But as seemingly crazy as she seemed, this girl had a big heart.
Look at Vina. Vina was the perfect representative at first – Polished, Well spoken, Mannered and everything we believed we wanted in a representative of our country. In the end though, she could not keep it up … Real won over Fake!!! Like I said in one of my earlier posts, 2nd August 2011, you can only last so long trying to be someone else and it still would not suit you.
Taking a look at the final seven, one would have expected Luclay to take the money with Karen. From the viewer comments, facebook and twitter pages, Luclay was guaranteed the money but I guess this goes to prove what my uncle told me a while back – that those that talk a lot have no action in them at all. Basically those that supported Luclay through these fora may not have casted even one vote to get him the money. Personally I felt that Luclay was also being fake in the house. He entertained us quite alright but how many people know the real Luclay? We never know if its Mona or Luclay or some other character he has come up with that is on our screens. All in all, it was fun to watch.
Lomwe, the ladies man, was another that I would have expected to claim the 200,000U.S.D if Luclay did not. I was rooting for him all the way, though I did not vote :D, he had good intentions and planned to use the money well. Sharon O, sexy Sharon O was another favourite of the housemates though I did not expect her to win. At least she came out to celebrate her boyfriend’s and dad’s birthdays – maybe husband soon, who knows? Fingers crossed.
Sweet sweet Hanni!!! I love this girl. She and Wendall were in the same category in my book – quiet but with highly relevant contributions. You cannot exactly say Hanni did this or Wendall’s signature is that but they were two housemates whose losses would have been immensely felt in the house. Two pretty faces to look at anytime, they were indeed fun to watch as well.
Finally, the eviction show! Sadly, I was out of the country when it took place (and unfortunately had no access to the internet), I heard the news soon after. I also heard that Vina had a very nasty look on her face when Karen was announced the winner. I believe that for patriotism’s sake, Vina should have held her cool, or at least just for the sake of being human and enjoying others’ achievements. I guess she had pretended long enough. It gave me great satisfaction that she left the house first.
And dear Wendall!!! I was doubly happy – for him and for his mum! 😀 Anyway its all over … the Amplified roller coaster came to an end that fateful day! You should have seen my family and I arguing on Monday about the housemates and other BBA related things as if the money was going to reach our hands!



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