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Cyber lives …

I am laptopless and bbless and it is the ultimate TORTURE!!! As much as we do not want to admit, the internet is a terrible addiction in this generation … I feel lazy because all I basically do all day is lie around!

Many of you will still argue that the internet is not an addiction – it is a necessity. I’ll just say hold up one minute – Lets define the term addiction. According to Wikipedia, addiction can be defined as a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it. Pleasure and enjoyment would have originally been sought; however, over a period of time involvement with the substance or activity is needed to feel normal. Some psychology professionals and many laypeople now mean ‘addiction’ to include abnormal psychological dependency on such things as gambling, food, sex, pornography, computers, internet, work, exercise, idolizing, watching TV or certain types of non-pornographic videos, spiritual obsession, self-injury and shopping.

By a show of hands (not that I can see any but still :D) how many people do not log in to the internet at least once a day all things being equal? That’s by the way though … Addiction is the compulsion to engage in a certain activity despite its harmful consequences when you do it over and over again like the internet and your social life :-p

Anyway, that’s besides the point. The fact remains that the billions of people are living their lives on social networks and every single gesture is taken personally. Their whole existence is there for the world to see. I know Kemi was eating rice two minutes ago and I know everyone who attended her sister’s 21st birthday party though I was not there because she’s uploaded the pictures. It has gotten to a point that they themselves actually start to believe they really are their cyber personalities. So any insult – direct or implied – on their cyber personalities hits a sour note. I know there is such a thing as taking it too far but still … It is just a joke most of the time or at worst something that’ll pass over the next day. Most people believe in their ‘powers’ or ‘social status’ on a social network … That is just twisted. You are who you are in REAL life … Nobody is against you having an alter ego with which you can escape your problems but do not let this personality become primary because the mind  is easy to fool.

Again, most news stories hit the social networks before even the news stations! This is amazing but true … Twitter especially is guilty of this crime. Your friends start congratulating you on the birth of your nephew before you hear about it … mere seconds after his birth. Its just a very strange phenomenon whose concept is yet to be grasped. We all understand where I am going with this though … Internet addiction kills social life. Social networks are not that social. They give you a lot of friends – half of whom you’ve never met before and two – thirds of whom you’ll never meet – yet they destroy the little vocabulary you have left and mess with your body’s response mechanism. When you keep abbreviating words, you tend to forget the original spellings and thus may end up using these abbreviations in a formal setting. In the same light, your body gets used to the ‘lols’ and ‘kmts’ and the different smileys that it just sort of stops responding to jokes by laughing when you have a laughter smiley and the like.

Bottom line – Internet addiction, whether it is a social network or a game site or even downloading movies/music, as long as its on the internet and it seems like you really cannot survive without it, you’re an addict.

Hi all, I’m Shay and I’m an addict.



I'm just different ... There's really no way to describe me because I'm a combination of a lot of strange characteristics. One thing's for sure though - I love to write and I love to read! Okay those were two things but ... Who Cares right? Lol ... Anyway have fun reading my blog and taking a peek into my ever exciting (yeah right!) life. Shay!

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