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A must read for all book lovers!!!

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I just read ‘Cross Country’ by James Patterson and I absolutely loved it. I was amazed at the detail put into the book. He obviously went to great lengths to find out about Nigeria and Sierra Leone though we do not expect his information to be 100% correct but I’ll give him about 97% on research.

One thing I especially liked is the insertion of the Yoruba proverb ‘T’agba ba nde, a a ye ogun ja’ – As one approaches an elder’s status, one ceases to indulge in battles. Top notch literary piece of work!!! I really do wonder how he got such an in depth view into the situation of things in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Darfur, Sudan and I raise my hat for him. He addressed almost every level of corruption in our society though I do admit that it was exaggerated in a few instances.

My greatest criticism is the ‘Yoruban’ in the book. There is no such thing as Yoruban … Its Yoruba any day any time. That was a silly mistake as far as I am concerned. It was one that could easily be avoided. He got me interested in the ‘Alex Cross’ character though and I definitely have to collect the other books on him. Another criticism is in chapter 97 where Adanne’s father, Uchenna was classified as a Yoruba man. Names like Kalu and Nkiru also do not in any way fit into the Yoruba custom. He should have done a little more digging in that respect 😉 I also give him credit for inserting the kolanut tradition somewhat – Another salute to him!!!

His research into Nigeria again amazed me – He mentioned states like Bayelsa in the Delta region near the oil fields, Abuja and places in Lagos like Victoria Island and Oshodi market. He even got to mention Kirikiri as well in this book … Y’all really have to read it. Lest I forgot, he talked about food as well!!! Cassava (which really wont interest most of you), egusi and fufu. Another minor mistake – Fufu is not pounded yam. I also enjoyed the little bits of French that were introduced while the scene was set in Sierra Leone. It made the book more real; the pages seemingly jumped out at you!

I guess I should stop here before I actually spill everything about the book and then James Patterson sues me 😀 Anyway if you want to find out more, buy the book and read it. Audio books are also available for those that want it so there’s a version for everyone! He has inspired me to go the extra mile in whatever I do …

Three gbosas for James Patterson … Gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!!



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