Posted in Weekly Quickie

11th September 2011

Quote for this week:

You can be with anyone as long as you affect them and they do not infect you
– Bondess007

There is a saying that we should only associate with people that will pull us up but if these people are higher and do not associate with us, what then can we do? I believe instead that we should associate with all kinds of people as far as they either make you a better person or you make them better but anybody that’ll bring you down … Carry your shoes and RUN!!!



I'm just different ... There's really no way to describe me because I'm a combination of a lot of strange characteristics. One thing's for sure though - I love to write and I love to read! Okay those were two things but ... Who Cares right? Lol ... Anyway have fun reading my blog and taking a peek into my ever exciting (yeah right!) life. Shay!

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