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Butterfly fly away …

Human beings are seen to be higher animals though most of us will argue vehemently that we are NOT animals! Anyway … One interesting comparison was brought to my notice recently – The Life Cycle of a Butterfly and The Human Existence!

Butterflies start life as an ‘egg’ the same way we are born into the world all innocent and practically ignorant about our environment but we have basic survival instincts that’ll help us grow into the ‘caterpillar stage’.

In the caterpillar stage, we destroy everything in our path. This is really like our youth when we want to try anything regardless of who or what we’re hurting … We have little or no consideration for the feelings of others. Just like the caterpillar, we also ingest all sorts of garbage into our systems and it really doesn’t bother us then. Then we move into the pupal stage – The chrysalis.

In the chrysalis, we are being transformed just as our hearts start getting transformed when we make a decision for Christ. When we choose to accept Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour we undergo metamorphosis – A complete transformation!!!

And when we come out, we come out as beautiful as the colourful butterfly! Our lives are transformed and we are new creatures. Our beauty radiates due to Christ in us … We shine because we become the light of the world and like the butterfly we should become pollinators … Spreading the gospel all over!!!

Remain blessed!



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