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30th October 2011

This week I urge you to
Find beauty in your flaws. Truth is better than perfection
Kimora Lee Simmons

Somebody loves something you believe is terribly wrong in you. Be yourself and love yourself for who you are and true beauty would definitely shine through. Do not try to be perfect like some people you believe are perfect because they have their flaws as well.
Just believe in your self and BE YOU!!!

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23rd October 2011

Hey y’all … Have a blessed week ahead!!!

The only feat you can achieve without God is de-feat
– Unknown

You can do absolutely nothing successfully without God on your side. You may think things are going on okay but get on God’s team and things will go on excellently!!! Nothing can go wrong as far as you’re on God’s side … He’s the champion – Totally undefeated!!!

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16th October 2011

Technically its tomorrow already in some parts of the world so this week’s quickie is:

You’re the only one that can use your ability, it is an awesome responsibility
– Unknown

There’s something you can do that no one else can. Or maybe its the unique combination of several things you can do that makes you different but in the words of the Bondess™ ‘your ability to spot your capabilities is your greatest responsibility’.
Let the voice of the Bondess™ keep ringing in your head all week as you try and discover another side of YOU! Enjoy your week!!!