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RIM or MTN … Just get me back my signal!!!

Finally! My blackberry’s back in action. Its been really useless for the past 2 days. The initial panic of not seeing the ‘EDGE’ turned to anger and I believe at some point silent resentment or maybe just resignation.
Everyone’s relieved I’m sure because the absence of signal for your bbm cripples the whole phone. Most applications are BIS dependent and so is the browser. So apart from your inability to use your messenger, all your applications are useless as well! Therefore, minus your music, games and maybe camera, your phone’s just another phone in the crowd – even worse because most other phones can at least still connect to the internet and run applications in spite of the signal. It was a field day – or should I say two – for the blackberry critics. They were all over social networks, blogs and whatnot.
Another observation – MTN received a lot of insults!!! Users believed the problem to be from the network service provider and as such many people blamed MTN (or Empty Hen as it is now referred to) for the break in ‘bb transmission’. You won’t blame them though. Since MTN had a reputation for terrible service, it wasn’t hard to place the blame on them. Learn from even the seemingly insignificant happenings around you!!! In this case,


                                                                  – Bondess007

If MTN had a reputation for excellent service, it would have been impossible or at most somewhat difficult for subscribers to believe that the fault was from the network service provider. They were very quick though to push the blame back to RIM

On the plus side, my battery lasted for longer periods of time!!! Without the tireless sounds of a ping coming in or a tweet or a facebook notification … The list endless, well without them, the red light didn’t have to come on that many times so the battery definitely lasted longer. I missed the sounds though and the flash of that blinking red light in my pocket. The only light I got to see was the yellow one because I forgot to charge my phone as I really wasn’t using it.
Major plus again, I had to re analyze some things like the way I keep in touch with people. It was very hard to get through to certain people as I only had their pins – no phone number or any other form of contact. Even social networks felt the impact of the absence of blackberry users with only a few updates compared with the normal figures.
Maybe Research In Motion was carrying out an experiment on us to deliver us from the ‘evil device’ they have put under our control but I can assure you that the experiment has failed! Blackberry users all over Africa especially are determined to make up for lost time and are frantically tapping keys on their keypads as you read this.
I’m not even sure about the relationship between the two events but for the past two days I have experienced very extreme cases of ‘morning rush’. I know some of you are thinking ‘And so?’ or maybe even ‘That doesn’t make sense’ but on second thoughts it does. For the fact that I’m pinging and ‘something’ every morning, I manage to stay on track and keep in perfect time. With the unpingable situation, I guess I felt like I had more time to do the same things only I could take my time now. Wrong move! Let’s see what tomorrow’s like though … Would I be on time? Would I be late again? Find out in the … Stop!!! I was getting carried away.
So where were we? Right MTN and RIM. Well quite frankly, I really didn’t care who caused the problem as far as its sorted out and it never – and I mean never – repeats itself again.
My BIS money cannot just waste like that o!



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