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On the 5th day to Christmas ….

Well, we can’t really talk about Christmas without some form of entertainment in this age. Even in ages past, I’m sure celebrating Christmas was a big deal.
So, how would you describe a good time? What would you do? Who would be there? Just ponder these questions for about 30 seconds …. What’s the most fun thing you can think of?
Most Christians make a list of things they do and don’t do because they are Christians. If you made such a list, how many things would be on the ‘do’ side? Like Jesus said the two most important commandments are to:
Love God and Love your neighbour!!!
If you make it your goal to love God and others, you would not do things to hurt them and ultimately we’ll live lives that please God.
Being a Christian does not mean we should not have fun. On the contrary it means WE should show the world HOW TO HAVE FUN!!! Let your guide be Phillipians 4:8 at all times. There are definitely some activities we shouldn’t participate in, but there are plenty others we CAN do. Don’t ever apologize for having a good time. God has given you life so celebrate it and enjoy God’s good gifts!!!
God is good and its good to celebrate the things He’s done for you. So feel free to throw a party and celebrate God’s greatest gift to mankind – His Son!!!



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