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On the 4th day to Christmas ….

Having fun guys? This countdown is opening my eyes to so many things I’ve taken for granted. Today, we’ll talk about witnessing! For a Christian youth, its one of the hardest parts of being a Christian – telling your friends about God and having them laugh at you.
Do you just write off the ‘outsiders’ at school or in your neighborhood? Try telling them about Christ’s love and show it to them.
Many of us even have family members or friends who don’t know the Lord. Yet we celebrate Christmas together and it hurts when they won’t listen to the real reason for the season. Don’t stop praying for your loved ones and don’t give up hope!!! It may be hard to believe but a lot of teens and young adults know next to nothing about Christianity. Remember that each person is different so you can’t witness in the same way – it depends on the person and situation but still if they don’t pay attention to you, you have done your part so don’t be discouraged.
One major thing though – Let your light shine!!! Live a Christian life for all to see. Let people see Jesus through you so they can see the way to eternal life. Always keep the focus on Jesus. He’s the one who brings you to God. He’s the one to whom you want to introduce to your friends. He’s the one who’s birthday’s coming up!!!
Before I sign off, we should know that witnessing is not:
•Grabbing someone and shouting that the person is going to hell!!!
• Making people with bad reputations feel like trash
•Carrying a gigantic bible everywhere you go

Let your family and friends – your loved ones – let them know the real reason for the season to fully appreciate every Christmas miracle in store for them!

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