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26th February 2012

“No matter how small you think the compromise in your core values is, it makes you a hypocrite.”
– Bondess007™

You must NEVER compromise on your standards. Once a person around you – a friend perhaps – requires that you compromise too much on your values, then you have to be vigilant in that friendship. First of all, we have to make sure our values are God standard – that’s the highest standard ever and because its a standard, its somewhat the minimum requirement. If you bend your values just a little bit, you’re pretending to accommodate something you detest and that makes you a liar. So stick to your values at all times.
Have a splendid week.

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19th February 2012

‘It is by acts not by ideas that people live’
– Harry Enerson Fosdick

It is good to dream! The bad part is not doing anything about it. You think, you act!!! If you can think it, you can do it so stop sitting back with your ideas for change and start acting them out. Stop watching people make differences and say you thought of that first. No! Its time to STOP slacking and start moving! Take the passenger seat right next to Jesus at the wheel and set your idea in motion!
Have a great week!!!

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12th February 2012

“There are three people that want your heart – God, the devil and your friends. Choose today who you’ll give it to.”
– Bondess007™

We all know that we can only serve one master. Most people believe this is an unrealistic quote because we don’t have to lose friends to serve God. I agree with the latter but giving your heart to God means pleasing Him and He wants you to love your neighbours which include your friends. Its a win-win situation. God won’t force a choice on you – Its all up to you!!!