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‘Thy will be done …’

Nowadays, christians often pray the ‘Let your will be done’ prayer but how many of us totally surrender our will to God. More often than not what we mean by ‘Let your will be done’ is ‘Let my will be done to your glory’.
Recent events have made me question whether I really wanted God to take over each time I prayed that prayer but now I understand …. Its amazing how the most unlikely things open your eyes up to the simplest things. In order not to keep you in too much suspense, I’ll give you an idea of what happened –
I was feeling confident about a certain position – not overly obnoxious confident but confident enough to still be humble about it. Then someone asked me a question and after that my confidence was shattered into 3 million pieces but I kept up a good face. With time I realised that though my confidence was shattered and I prayed for God’s will, I was still sort of obsessed with getting there so I had to go back to God to cleanse my heart and then make me understand ‘Thy will be done’ no matter what ‘Thy will’ is.
So at the moment, I’ve pretty much given up on getting it but I still pray for the Lord’s will to be done and I’ve added a little bit to that prayer:
Lord let your will be done and give me the grace to understand and accept it.
The funny thing is that though we believe in the power of the tongue, we don’t understand how powerful it is. Saying that God’s will should be done is a serious prayer and should not be taken lightly. Take Jesus for example, He prayed for God’s will to be done and He let God’s will be done in His life, so He died but yet rose again. I write this to encourage each and every one of us that though in letting God’s will be done sometimes we may feel like we’re dying, just let go and let God give you new life.
Right now I’m not sure if I should post this as soon as I’m done or I should hold on for a while … But whenever you see this, remember to always say ‘God’s will not mine!!!’



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