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Another interesting piece by yet another friend of mine. Hope you like it as much as I did!!!


Friendship is about being real with the one you call friend; it’s about being who you truly are(being vulnerable) without the fear of being rejected or hated and with the assurance that you are always accepted and welcome with the one you call friend. Friendship is knowing that no matter how crude, ill-mannered or bad you are and act, you are still and will always be accepted ; yes you’ll be corrected but you’ll never be condemned or destructively criticized by your friend.

With others, you can wear a mask and put on a fake smile but you can never do so with your friend- even when you try it, you’ll be caught because your friend knows you and can see right through you.

Your friend is closer than a brother because- he’s linked to you by something thicker and deeper than blood- the heart!

Your friend is someone that…

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