This post was inspired by my lil’ sis who’s growing up so fast!!! She’ll claim she’s not little though but I dedicate this to @Romzy!!!

YOLO – You Only Live Once.
When people say You Only Live Once, they usually mean enjoy life because its the only one you have. I’ll call that existing.
What exactly is living then? Living is a term used when your deeds on earth fulfil God’s purpose for your life. Then and only then can you say that you have lived. Existing on the other hand is just acknowledging that you stayed on earth.
Basically, what my sister wants y’all to know now is that when you say ‘YOLO’, you should know what you mean and act on it. In other words people, know that acknowledging that you only live once means that you are acknowledging that there is only one chance you have to fulfil God’s purpose for your life.
So its not YOLO for Christ because YOLO is already living for God!!

Have a great weekend and if there’s any particular issue you want me blogging about send it in to!!!


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