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Okay I told y’all that I was gonna have a few friends write in. This is the first guest write in by a poet friend of mine. I actually have never seen him write something thats not a poem before so I was intrigued. Have fun reading @Achi_Va‘s post and there’s a link to his blog right at the end!!!


I know a lot of stuff, at this my young age (are you surprised??). I know a lot of stuff. For starters, no one can convince me that God doesn’t exist(believe me I know, don’t ask why), I know that the tallest building in the world is the burj tower(nerd stuff), I know that a plane takes off and lands in dubai every three minutes (google that),I know that many boys use lines like “I would die for you”(nigga can’t even die for his mom), lines like “you are my all”(nigga got nothing to offer), and ”I would do anything for you”(wait till he’s broke). Boys don’t get me wrong, I aint a sexist, infact  , I’m a dude, yes I am.

Boys will always be boys, that understood, but sometimes what I don’t get is how some females(permit me) can be so stupid. The other day I was in my friend’s room, some niggaz came in and we started talking.I took one of their phones and ‘VOILA’ I saw a picture of a girl I knew. We went to the same secondary school(and my secondary school wasn’t command or Queen’s college). So I asked how he knew the girl and began to hear ‘tales by the sunlight’. I was like WTF!!!(forgive my choice of words), coz I went to all these ‘kunk’ as in ‘kunk’ Christian secondary school’s (name withheld for health and other purposes), where the word was preached  24/7, as in everyday what we heard was stuff like “hell is real” ”be justified  today” ”Jesus loves you” Infact, the school was owned by a church, the members of this church are known to avoid hospitals even when their sicknesses are beyond normal, that is just to show how much faith they have. This girl’s mom was one of the matrons of the school. Enough of all the casting abi? Let me move to my main point.

Why is it that our parents barely know us? there is this gap between parents and their children in this country. I heard of a story once where boy committed suicide because his parents wanted him to be a doctor but all he wanted to be in his life was just another Jay Z. Why do we always seem to clash with our parents when it comes to things like fashion, television ,morals etc. Guess you already have an answer to that one right? They are old school, archaic, old fashioned , they don’t know wassup ba? Do you ever wonder if one day your children might describe you like that? (BOOM!!!).

Back to my cool story jare, must they always be in control? After all we have eyes, we have brains, we can think for ourselves, why are we always the last point of call when matters concerning our futures are being decided? All these questions are very important, if you can read this and you’ve never asked any of these questions, kill yourself. Some parents expect too much from their children and compare them a lot to other children(piece of advice, when you grow up never do that to your child).This WILL damage your child(most of us are damaged already, whether we admit it or not) and a lot of us can like to go astray. You’re a dude, you enter the university, get a lil hint of freedom and you suddenly launch into outer space, all the club bouncers around Unilag know your face, and you, three months into the university and all the boys in your faculty know your 3 names, and you keep wondering why your parents don’t trust you. Common you have a brain, use it!! Like I always say ,you never know who you really are until no one’s there to stop you, until there are no prying eyes around always watching you, keeping you on your toes, that my dear is a true sign of maturity. You blabber on about how they don’t give you enough respect, what have you done to deserve such? Can a man who has never seen thousands be called to manage millions? You wanna eat your cake and have it? How selfish is that. Most of us complain of how they never let us do stuff like drive cars, stay out late and have sex (yh I said it!!!). Put yourself in their shoes, look at life from their point of view  and then tell yourself honestly that you still don’t understand. And if you don’t understand anything I’ve written(even me no understand am sef) always remember to honour your parents so that your days might be long. And don’t expect me to come to a conclusion, decide for yourself, I ask the questions, go google the answers.


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I'm just different ... There's really no way to describe me because I'm a combination of a lot of strange characteristics. One thing's for sure though - I love to write and I love to read! Okay those were two things but ... Who Cares right? Lol ... Anyway have fun reading my blog and taking a peek into my ever exciting (yeah right!) life. Shay!

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  1. Whew!…this piece wld throw any young or mature sensitive adult into deep thought. It’s a very real and DEEP one…kudos hun!

  2. Jeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!! That was CRAZY!!!!! Am officially in ℓ♥√ع!!!!! Nice one dear!!! Madly nice!!! Like gosh…. Sooooo nice!!!

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