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Provoke God???

Yes I said it – Provoke God!
Provoke God to bless you!!
That’s the only way you can get away with ‘provoking’ God!!!

All my life, I’ve known one basic fact … DO NOT TEST GOD! Yet Gideon tested him and practically got away with it. I guess I just believe that Gideon was an exceptional case. But God does like to be reminded of His word. It provokes Him to fulfil His word. Check out the Israelites in the desert … In verse 13-19, Moses reminded God of what He had done for the Israelites ,how great His power is and how the ‘other nations’ revere Him. Then He worshipped Him and yet again reminded Him of His word … Result? God changed His mind. Yes! He actually did change His mind. But note that God still punished the Israelites for their faithlessness but He kept His promise and fulfilled His word. That’s all that matters
In light of this, we should realise two major things … God always fulfils His word. Provoke Him to bless you by declaring His word and claiming His promises in your situations … He is sure to bless you. But before you can declare the word, you have to know the word. We need to meditate on the word day and night and store it in our hearts. We need to learn how to apply the word to basic everyday situations so that when we want to recall it, as practical as it has become, it is easy. Secondly, there is a consequence for every action … If you do well, you are blessed. Do badly, you are cursed. It’s the law of action and reaction but the beautiful thing about being a Christian is the mercy of God. We can always go back after repentance and ask for forgiveness. And we all know that His grace is sufficient but do not abuse this privilege. Look at the Israelites and the number of times they murmured against God yet God in His infinite mercy kept forgiving them. Even in the Numbers passage, he forgave them but here, He still gave them the punishment they deserved to remind them that He alone is God and because He loved them, He did not want them to go astray.
Basically, meditate on God’s word and apply it to EVERYDAY life so that when you need something or you just want to bless the name of the Lord, you can provoke His blessings upon yourself as well.



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