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God’s Girl

I know I said that the next guest write in was by Tallen but we’ve had a little break in transmission. So our next guest write-in is by Miss Chidinma Precious Duruaku. Precious has personally inspired me in a lot of ways. One thing I’ve learnt from her is that Christianity is NOT boring!!! You can have fun without compromising and within the confines of God’s law. I hope you all get a little tidbit of wisdom from this post. Enjoy!!!
Reflections of a young Christian
We are probably familiar with the usual boy meets girl; there is a spark in their eyes and – boom! They are in bed. They call it the world’s way where people are guided by their emotions; I call it blazing fire that gives no warmth. It has got me thinking about what my standards really are because I know that I am of a different breed – I am God’s girl.
So then here are my thoughts.
My first concern is about what real and genuine love is. Understanding what love is eventually leads us to find the love our souls truly seek. The problem with finding the right definition for love is that a whole lot of people already have certain ideas of what they think it is. My definition might not please everyone, but then these are my thoughts… as God’s girl.
I know love has to be more than a mere screaming of or saying the words, ‘I love you’; I know it has to be more than staying up all night engaged in free midnight calls and then feeling groggy all day; I know it has to be much more than throwing stones at the window of your beloved to get their attention; I know it has to be much more than spoiling her with roses and it definitely is much more than serving your beloved breakfast in bed; more so, I know it has to be more than having sex; taking it a tad too far, I know it has to be more than the customary getting down on one knee to pop the question, ‘will you marry me’, while onlookers wait to cheer. While these are some expressions of love, what then is love? For me it is whatever that puts God first, because God is love [1John 4:8]. Therefore whatever I do selfishly or whatever I do to gratify my pleasures, relegating God to the background is not love.
The fairy tales have painted cute pictures of love for us. Everybody wants to be loved; every young girl wants to be loved. We all hope for our prince’s to find us someday; either by giving us that kiss to awaken us like sleeping beauty, or finding that shoe that fits just us alone out of the entire ladies in the kingdom like Cinderella. My other concern therefore is with where love should find me. I once heard that a lady should be so hid in God that any man who must find her must find Christ first before he finds her. I believe this should apply to every young Christian seeking love. Where should love find me then?
Love should not find me in a place destitute of the presence of God. Why should love find me in a night club, poorly dressed and intoxicated? If I am God’s girl then love should find me dwelling in His presence – whether in church, at home, school, or at the work place – it just has to be a place where His presence dwells.
Love should not find me in the wrong company.
Love should not find me talking or acting anyhow. As a young Christian I believe that it is not every word that is just cool and okay to use, hence I use words circumspectly that it may edify my hearers. As a young Christian, love should not find me harassing anyone, being loud and over bubbly or worst still fighting. Love should find my conduct guided by Him.
Love should not find me in just any kind of attire. The prevailing fashion sense engulfing the world’s scene should not be my standard; rather my standard should be what is fit for a princess because that is who I am – God’s girl.
Love should find me in the presence of my maker.
I conclude by quoting from the book of Songs 3:5 – ‘Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.’ The truth of the matter is that there is a time for everything, a time to love… So while it is not time for me to get married why should I be in a relationship that feigns love and is headed nowhere? How long would I continually ask myself, ‘how far is too far?’ because today’s ‘too far’ would probably be tomorrow’s ‘okay’. How long would I keep justifying myself and looking for a clear conscience to do what I know is wrong according to God’s girls’ standards? Therefore, I do not tempt myself by creeping stealthily around love hoping not to awaken it. I entirely avoid that path till I am matured enough and till He tells me it is time – because I am God’s girl.
Some of you may be saying: ‘Its for girls’ and I beg to differ. Take a stand today … Be God’s girl or God’s guy AND refuse to compromise! If you have any questions for Precious, you can mail it to me at or send a message to her on facebook and title it God’s Girl. Here’s a link to other notes by Precious.
Have a blessed week!!!


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