Proposal fever!!!

Ladies, we say we want grand gestures – a proposal on the beach, the top of the empire state building, a dozen roses and candles but what happens when this gestures go wrong? I just laughed after reading the story of a guy who lost the engagement ring in the sand!!! Click on the link below:

Marriage proposal goes awry when brain surgeon loses ring in the sand | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

And gentlemen, when you want to make it big, please please and please, either have a back up plan in case something goes wrong or take extra measures to pay attention to the details and make sure that the key ingredient – THE RING – is easily accessible.

I’ve included links to some over-the-top proposal videos (some great, some not-so-great) and I’ll soon start a 7-part series on ‘What attracts what?’ so stay connected!!!

Mob dance leads to marriage proposal

Proposal at graduation

Big screen proposal

Proposal: Bride ends up in the hospital!!

Just plain weird proposal

I think that’s enough joh. Personally, I believe the fewer elements involved the better. Turn a simple romantic gesture into one of the most important days of both your lives.At the end of the day it depends on her personality (or his :-s)!  Nevertheless, whatever you decide to do, however you decide to do it, be sure you’re doing it with the right person and may God bless your union.

That’s all for now.




6 Replies to “Proposal fever!!!”

  1. Some men have dreams of being proposed to. This is 2012 and women are running the relationships (as if they weren’t before). I personally don’t believe in law binging marriage because my word is my bond and I will spend the rest of my life living up to it. If I did believe in marriage I would want a woman that would propose; showing that she is an innovator that isn’t going to wait on a man to ask for what she ultimately wants. That will be my bride….. So thanks in advance for giving my wife some ideas!!!!

    1. Lol … Glad to be of help!!! And I hope you find your woman but don’t keep waiting for the one that would propose lest you miss the one that’s meant for you.

      1. I don’t want a proposal that’s would only be if i believed in law-binding marriage. Commitment is an agreement introduced by both parties. Hahahaha!!!! i will find her!!!!

      2. But then why not just go the whole way? If you’re committed, what stops you from making it legal? It means you are not fully committed … You want a little room to be able to wiggle out when things get tough. Be careful!!!

  2. LMAO! Sometimes when my sweetheart and I are talking some really crazy and sometimes unrealistic proposal scenarios turn up in my head. Thanks for the tip: Backup Plan.. Everyone should have that in all cases.. Even when it comes to love ;).. =D.. *zipped lips*

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