Often we get so used to things always working out for us. As children, we expect our teachers and parents to always have the answers. For those that write to Santa, we expect (even in Nigeria) what we ask to appear under the Christmas tree. At the beginning of the school year, we expect our fees to be paid. We expect food at home every time and expect water to come out when we turn on the tap. These little things we expect and often just assume that they run by themselves.

As we grow older, we understand that foodstuff have to be bought from the market. Fuel actually finishes in cars and we need money for some basic things. Our hairdressers actually charge for making our hair and so do our barbers and we actually have to study to pass.

I’m at the point where I know that houses are not free, bills need to be paid, the air conditioner actually has to be filled with gas (I never thought about that at all!!!) and little stuff like bulbs blowing out and wall sockets melting actually cost quite a bit when accumulated.

We often get so used to things working out with our parents or guardians when we’re younger and as we grow older it becomes clearer the details of what they do. It should make us appreciate them more and try as much as possible to ease the pressure on them. I don’t care if your father can afford the world and you’re asking for only planet earth – Be reasonable!

A friend of mine told me about a week ago that he appreciates now our parents work because he has to be up by 5am every day and he’s at work till about 5 – 6pm. Just that little glimpse into adulthood proper and he’s already realising the sacrifices they make.

Imagine a mum waking up at 4 every day to get ready for work, make breakfast for her children, and pack lunches for her husband and kids. Then she wakes up the oldest child, say 9 years old, at about 6am. The child grumbles and mumbles all the way to the bathroom and back out to dress up. The 5 year old is up at let’s assume 6.30am. She’s an angel until breakfast time when she starts complaining that she wants something else for breakfast. With time running out, mummy tries to get her to eat at least a little which she does but then cries all the way to school. Daddy by the way left for work while Master 9 year old was in the bathroom. After dropping the kids off, mummy goes to work for a grumpy boss who makes work a living hell!!!

Daddy meanwhile, not as stressed as mummy goes to pick the kids up from school and drops them at grandma’s then heads back to work. Mummy picks them up and the first thing Miss 5 says is that her parents are wicked for dropping them off at grandma’s every day when all their friends go home immediately. Mummy just smiles and tries to cheer her up and when they get home starts dinner. Master 9 says he wants something for dinner that isn’t available at home and mummy promises it the next day but he still sulks through dinner. And the day goes on and on …

The first definition of appreciation that jumps out at me is ‘understanding of the nature, meaning, quality or magnitude of something’. The next two are ‘an expression of gratitude’ and ‘a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation (yes appreciation)’!

You get the picture now though. We usually take things for granted. I get that at a certain age we are very selfish but we should learn even from very young to be selfless. We should not however be afraid to stand up for what we believe in. There’s a difference between standing for a cause and wanting things to go your way ALL the time. I’m hoping you can differentiate.

That’s all I have to say for now … Appreciate people around you no matter what situation you find yourself in, appreciate your family and be selfless … Its the best way to build and maintain relationships!!!

Lets countdown to 2012 part 2!!!


Food for thought …

We often treat God like He’s a lawyer! We go to Him only when we are in trouble. That accounts for why we don’t get answers since God does not work that way!! He rewards diligence! Those who love Him ‘in spite of’ not ‘because of’. Let’s redefine the terms of our relationship with God. It matters a lot to HIM…

Grace is needed:
• To overlook the shortcomings of others
• To love like Christ
• To bear the reproach of Christ
• To study God’s word diligently
• To continue to offer the sacrifice of praise
• To not speak the language of slaves
• To obey and submit to authority
• To be witnesses to Christ’s resurrection.

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24th June 2012

Your goal in life is not to be employed but to be deployed.
– Unknown

Your degree is just a certificate especially in this economy. In today’s world, what you know how to do outside your ‘degree’ makes a big difference. You should go into positions ready for use not just to occupy them!
Have a beautiful week!!!

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I’m not a fool!!!

Most people just say things as jokes and let them slide. Calling people names has an effect in their destiny so be careful what you say. I didn’t just wake up and think this up in a bid to scare y’all and this isn’t another one of my ‘Be Nce’ speeches. this is actually pretty serious stuff that has been happening since time in memorial.

In the bible, which is the ultimate beginning, all the names meant something;

Woman – Taken out of man

Abram – Exalted father (which was changed to)

Abraham – Father of many

Isaac – Laughter

Jacob – Deceit/Deceiver

All Jacob’s sons had significant messages in their names depending on the circumstances at that time and the way the mother felt.

Let’s take a look at Benjamin. His mother named him Ben-Oni meaning ‘son of my sorrow’. Due to Jacob’s constant fellowship with God and because we were made in his likeness, Jacob understood the power behind names and quickly changed his name to ‘Benjamin’ meaning ‘Son of my right hand’.

Israel means ‘contender with God’ and the Israelites indeed always contended with God in spite of the miracles He performed through the various prophets and the mercy He continually showed them.

Next most of us know the story of Jabez. Jabez is one of  those guys in the bible who no one really knows but he stands out. His mother named him so because ‘(She) bore him in pain’ but he prayed a little prayer now known worldwide in Christiandom as the ‘Prayer of Jabez‘.

Oh that you would bless me indeed

And enlarge my territory

That your hand will be with me

And that you would keep me from evil

It is a significant fact that he was remembered for a prayer rather than for a heroic act. The best part is that God granted his request. This ultimately means that when we ask God for something He answers no matter how insignificant the thing seems to us. his answer may be ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not yet’ but the point is He’ll answer.

‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ (NIV)

One thing that’s always on my mind is Jeremiah 29:11 (quoted above) so I’m not in the least bit worried or at least I try not to be 🙂 At the end of the day, whether it’s said in jest or not doesn’t matter; calling someone a fool just doesn’t ‘fly’ especially children because you are in a way defining their destiny. There is power in the tongue. (James 3:5)

The tongue is a small thing that can make grand speeches. But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire. (NLT)

18th June 2012

I’m sorry this week’s quickie is late but better late than never right? Here we go:
If you find value in your title you are in trouble.
– Unknown

Do not depend on material things or what you feel your parents have. You go after something if you want it. Don’t get too settled on one level that you forget to strive for the next. And do NOT – I repeat – NOT be pompous or derogatory just because of who you are to those you feel are ‘inferior’. I’ve talked and talked today but the bottom line is positions, titles, money and fame – they can all disappear so stay true to yourself!
Have an awesome week!

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