29th July 2012

No matter how tiresome life seems sometimes, no matter how many struggles you may go through, you can decide to see it as problems or tests … From problems, you may never fully recover but from tests you learn and move on better than you left.
All in all have a blessed week and may God see us all through!!!


22nd July 2012

You have no idea how powerful words are. They are capable of making or breaking a person!!! Like I’ve said before, be a healer with your words – Don’t speak words that hurt people. Of course if you need to correct someone you should but do it in love because your motive affects how your words come out most times.

So this week say a kind word to someone, you never know – Yours may be the awaited one.

Have a great week!!!

15th July 2012

Barney’s taught me that ‘A smile is the best gift you can give anyone. It’s free and you get to keep it when you give it away‘ (and yes – the ‘Barney is a dinosaur’ Barney :-D). Anyway, you should listen to what people have to say as well and when it feels like an argument is not heading anywhere, use your discretion. Most times its wiser to be quiet but stand up for your beliefs – Once you’ve made your point, you dont have to argue. Again, don’t go about speaking ill of others because when they find out – and they definitely will – it will be disastrous!

Have a great day and a week filled with smiles!!!

8th July 2012

 Like we see in the image. we need to be careful how we treat people. If we’re lucky to get chances again and again, we shouldn’t abuse that privilege. Remember that chances are limited and no matter how patient a person is you can wear them thin. Be careful what you say to people as well because ‘ Words are like eggs. Once they are broken, they can’t be put back together’. Have a great week!

1st July 2012

Its July! Happy new month and welcome to 2012 part 2!!!

I’ve decided to change our quickie style a little this time around … The quickie’s in the image. Have a blessed month!

Always learn from your mistakes.  ‘Mistakes are steps leading you to become a better person’Find out where you went wrong and don’t do it the next time. The key is to actually discover your mistake so you can move on from it.

Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Instead pick yourself up!’

                                                 – Bondess007

Have a great week.