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I can’t but say thanks … :-)

I hadn’t been on in a while but when I came back, I saw FadedFairyTale’s nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award. I just started following this blog and I was pleasantly surprised. I want to say a big thank you!!!

So, as the awards go, there are three rules, they are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link to the site.

2. Write seven things about yourself that other bloggers don’t know.

3. Nominate fifteen other deserving blogs.

So 7 things about me:
– I love Disney. As mature as I like to sound, I’m a Disney freak!
– My real name’s not Shay or Bondess or SeunShay, it’s plain Seun.
– I’m really shy in person but once I get to know you, you’re gonna find it hard to get rid of me! 😀
– I absolutely love kids!
– Recently I started wearing pink and I admit it’s not so bad
– I love writing songs almost as much as I love blogging.
– Music is like my best friend!!!

My nominations are next for the reasons stated but in no particular order. Enjoy!
1) TheLibrarianWhoDoesn’tSayShhh – I absolutely love books as well!
2) Achiva – I love the stories in your poems and of course writing started our friendship 😀
3) Tallented – Inspires me every single time.
4) Swansparkle – There’s nothing you can’t find in there!
5) ukjagwu – It’s a crazy mix of fun … Your creativity pushes me to try new things.
6) DivineFeminae – Keep on doing what you do! I love it!
7)dmarienthee – God bless you
8) OutofMyHead – Your creativity is inspiring.
9) AmazinglyBrash – Thats some thought provoking ish …
10) talinorfali – Your recipes make my mouth water. I’ll try something soon 😉
11) SistersForChrist – Need I say more?
12) YinkusPinkus – I’m a very recent follower but I like what I see.
13) DiaryofadesperateNaijawoman – Nigeria definitely go better!
14) Memoirsofawoman – One of my sources of inspiration.
Last but in no way the least,
15) theJesusElement – Repping Jesus all the way!

Those are my 15 blogs and you all deserve it! So go ahead and continue nominating others. Once again I wanna say thanks to FadedFairytale for nominating me.



I'm just different ... There's really no way to describe me because I'm a combination of a lot of strange characteristics. One thing's for sure though - I love to write and I love to read! Okay those were two things but ... Who Cares right? Lol ... Anyway have fun reading my blog and taking a peek into my ever exciting (yeah right!) life. Shay!

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