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Another Independence Day …

Nigeria is celebrating her independence and has every right to. She is independent isn’t she? Permit me to digress a little …. What is independence? It is being free from outside control and not subject to another’s authority; in a word it’s self-governing. Is Nigeria governing herself or not? She is therefore independent and has EVERY right to celebrate so HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY DEAR NIGERIA!!!

The issue at hand now is why people don’t believe she should be celebrating. As usual, our dear Goodluck Jonathan has gotten some blame but how exactly has he contributed to the past decades without him in power? Nigerians I’ll be frank with you. Our major problem is the failure to accept responsibility; its always everyone’s fault but yours. You need to stand up and take responsibility for your actions … To move forward, DO NOT DANCE TO THE TUNE OF BLAME! If everyone took care of their own corners in the whole Nigeria, there would be a drastic improvement. True or False?

Next you are NOT Americans or British people and Nigeria isn’t America or Britain either so stop saying ‘In America, they do this so lets do this the exact  way and maybe things would work for Nigeria’. Ever heard the saying that ‘A good leader adapts basic leadership principles to his followership.’? No you haven’t because I just came up with it :-D. That’s very true though, you cannot expect a Mathematics lecturer to give you a 90 page hand-out to go and READ for exam without showing up in class once even though a Management lecturer may just come and explain another 90 page hand-out in his course and everyone gets it. It’s a basic principle of teaching manipulated to fit the course.  I tend to run off a lot right? Sorry, let me go back to the main issue. We need to stop comparing. Comparison just makes you feel inferior and not appreciate what you already have. Nigeria is blessed with no natural disaster except floods which are basically a product of poor drainage systems and bad roads. Count your blessings as a Nigerians but DO NOT DANCE TO THE TUNE OF COMPARISON! There’s nothing wrong with being motivated by the progress in developed countries to do better for Nigeria but when you start belittling our dear country, then watch it!

Another thing is that we rarely keep to our word. Forget promises made to people and consider this:

I pledge to Nigeria my country


To SERVE Nigeria with ALL my strength


I really won’t write much again. Just know that when you say this pledge you are declaring that you want to remain steadfast, showing firm and constant support to Nigeria, free of deceit, truthful and sincere. You have made a decision to perform duties and services with the greatest possible strength you can muster and to protect her wholeness maintaining high respect for her by your actions. That’s a lot to take in yeah? I’ll stop here … Naija go better but no be by mouth. Start a revolution!!!

So help me God.

Happy Independence Day people!



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