Super Dad

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a daddy’s girl most of the time. I smile and bat my eyelashes to get my way or get away with something (yes daddy I do that sometimes :D. Unfortunately its no longer as effective :()

When I was 2, my dad was my hero. He could do no wrong in my eyes. I needed something, Super dad was there to get it; I was scared of something, Super dad made it go away; Someone made me cry, Super dad took care of it! He was Super dad!!!

By the time I clocked 10, I knew that he didn’t just magically produce what I wanted. Things had to be paid for and still he got me what I needed but sometimes he said no. He was still Super dad but I didn’t like this new superpower – the power to say no to me.

At 15, Super dad developed yet another set of superpowers – the guy radar!!! I was teased often (and still am) about all those boys around me. I also knew at this point that Super dad had faults but he was still Super dad – I mean how could he manage to be dad to my siblings and I? He had to have had superpowers!!!

Now I’m … (I ain’t saying my age :p Super dad knows!) and I know he’s human and makes mistakes – Sometimes I’m right and he’s wrong and I just want him to say he’s sorry but he knows so he won’t just come out and say it (dads!!!). He’s not perfect – Guess how I know … He needs me. If he was he wouldn’t and there’d be no point because I need him too.

He’s still Super dad just because he’s mine!!! Happy birthday daddy I love you to pieces!

P.S. Today’s not his birthday but its this week and I don’t want y’all knowing exactly when. 🙂


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