Countdown to Christmas – All I want for Christmas …

Remember last year’s Christmas countdown … It was the 7 days to Christmas. This year would be a little different. I’m adding two days to our countdown and it’ll end on Christmas day.

All I Want for Christmas Slide

Welcome to 2012’s countdown (ironic right?). Its titled All I want for Christmas …

So drop your comments …

Let me know what’s on your mind this Christmas or fill out this quick survey. Our countdown will start on 17th December and I have some special people writing in. I may write as well … Not so sure yet. Y’all cant be tired of me yet, are you? 😀

Okay okay, I’m out! Just want you guys to prep yourselves for this year’s countdown. I’ll be busy this week so I may not bug you with updates but next week (evil laughter) …

Enjoy the rest of your weekend … Oh and till tomorrow for our quickie!!!


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