9th December 2012

Turn-Off-Cell-Phone-Sign-SE-2653_buIts either you put your phone on silent in church or put God on silent!

–  @feistyarcher


Well click to read more on that! Basically as you go to church today (and I do hope you’re going), pay attention to God. Focus ‘cos you don’t know where your blessing is gonna come in!!!

Lest I forget, we’re starting a Christmas countdown next week on 17th. Its titled All I want for Christmas …! Click on the link to fill out a quick survey. It won’t take a minute I promise so I’ll know what’s on your minds.

Have a great week!!!


2 Replies to “9th December 2012”

  1. If only we would be better at silencing all the noise around us, we might just hear more from God! If we spent as much time with God as we did on our cell phones imagine how much closer to Him we would be.

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