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Noah’s Ark Part 2?

I found this among the archives in my laptop and just knew I had to share it. I hope everyone’s been good though. January’s practically over … Time flies! Anyway be sure to check out Beneath the Smile, a project by a friend of mine and enjoy this piece.

Wow! It was some flood in Lagos on Sunday July 10th 2011 going into the week. It was not just rain that fell, it was a storm. Some people called it a hurricane … Thank God for blessed Nigeria. The only natural disaster we have is flood. And even at that, that weekend we had a glimpse of the true meaning of the world natural disaster. The Atlantic ocean was apparently overflowing … How sick is that? Anyway that’s beside the point.

What I wanted to bring to our attention is how the devil comes to work in our minds. We know the truth but sometimes we feel safer letting the devil take over our minds in the name of logical reasoning forgetting that our God is a supernatural God – He defies natural laws!!! During the rain storm that Sunday, naturally fear crept into my mind but I reminded myself of 2 Tim 1:7 and kept repeating it ‘He has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind’ and after a while I felt better. A while later, another thought popped into my head, because with all the end time signs rampant, one cannot help but think rapture is tomorrow, that the world may just end like in Noah’s time. There was probably an ark somewhere. On a normal day I’ll take this as the product of an overactive imagination but when this thought brought fear into my mind again, I knew then and there that the devil was at work – and I had to occupy my mind. First of all I assured myself that it definitely was not a repeat of the days of Noah because God made a promise then and He’s not man that He should lie neither is He the Son of man that He should repent. He’s the same God yesterday, today and forever. Therefore it could not be a repeat Noah performance.

Basically, the devil attacks us mostly through our minds, our thoughts. Many people lost their lives in that flood, some of whom won’t have known Jesus. Be a living witness wherever you are, wherever you go. Tomorrow just might be too late for that sister down the road or the brother next door. And we have to know God’s word because Satan knows it too. He can use the bible against us like he tried to do after Jesus’ 40 days fasting.

Anyway, the main message I want to pass across is always be ALERT! Because he comes to steal, kill and destroy so always be on your guard!

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Welcome to 2013 … Hehehe!

I haven’t officially welcomed all of us to 2013. That’s absolutely terrible of me but better late than never yeah?

*clears throat*

Welcome to 2013! I love you guys for being with me in 2012 and those who have just come on board 🙂 Ganaija’s a community and we want to hear everyone’s opinions as much as possible. There’s no wrong and no right, just a bunch of views being aired. Follow me on twitter @Ghanaijachic, like our facebook page to join the community and click on the follow button somewhere on this page if you aren’t following the blog already.

Your comments are most welcome and highly appreciated to make every contributor a better writer and make another point of view known. Let’s do this together and build a solid Ganaija community. We can change the world for all you know (Okay that sounded cheesy) 😦 Hahaha! 🙂

Basically all this intro is to tell you our mantra for the year … *drum roll please*

‘Praising God Anyhow’

No matter what happens this year, we need to choose to praise God okay?
I wish you all an awesome year ahead and remember even if the year’s started wrong, CHOOSE!!!

*singing* And I will praise Him anyhow *singing*

I’ll also try to post more often, make our quickies more regular as well. Check out the extra archive and click here tabs to explore a little more. It’s going to be an amazing year with you guys. Once again, join the community ‘cos its not just me. If you have an article you’d like me to post or something you want us to talk about, send it in to me at

Moi. 🙂