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As easy as A-B-C-D …

Everything na double double …

Its not impossible but its rare for two sets of identical twins to be delivered in one day by the same person. Tressa Montalvo, 36, defied the odds of one in 70 million to have her four sons, who were born on Valentine’s Day, and were originally believed to be quadruplets. She and her husband, 43 year old Manuel were hoping for a sibling for their son, Memphis who’s two and a half and according to the release, Tressa said:

“We planned the pregnancy – I guess we just succeeded a little too much.”

Perfect way to describe it! Too much success. This couple has taught me something though – You make up your mind to do something, you’ll be surprised at how far you’ll go. Just try – They didn’t stress themselves and were not overanxious about anything. They didn’t even use fertility drugs!!!

Another thing I got out of this is that when life throws you surprises – appreciate them. They all form experiences that make you better so they are gifts in their own right. How you react to situations is what makes or breaks you. Here’s an excerpt:

When Montalvo was 10 weeks pregnant, her physician told her she was having twins, and on a subsequent visit, the doctor detected a third heartbeat.  They were then referred to specialist, Dr Brian Kirshon, who found a fourth heartbeat.

‘We didn’t expect it, we were trying for just one and we were blessed with four.’

They chose to see it as a blessing not a burden – I mean c’mon – four more boys!!! 🙂 Lastly, they want a girl – they have a goal! They have made up their minds to keep trying for a girl (I’m not saying you should be borning pikin if you cannot take care of them o! Berra mind what you’re doing and be wise too :D). Life may seem crazy at times but if you are anxious about too much you can’t see the big picture.

Its like those houses we drew when we were in Nursery school with the triangle roofs, square body, square windows and rectangular doors. Looking too close, you may get confused wondering what you’d do with a triangle but taking a step back, you see the big picture and there’s a lot you can do with a house!

Sometimes its as easy as just stepping back and watching the miracles unfold – As easy as A-B-C-D – Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan Montalvo!!!

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E don do abeg! If you want more sources, go to google 😀 Bye people!



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