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Mental Slavery – Do we really understand the concept? Its amazing how much we pride ourselves in being an independent generation when the media and celebrities decide what we should wear, what’s cool and what’s not, what ‘beautiful’ is and a host of others. I saw this piece and felt like you guys absolutely had to see this as well … Enjoy!


I believe this country cannot thank Kwame Nkrumah enough for his immense contribution to the liberation and the independence of this country and even the continent as a whole. Some 56 years ago, he declared this country ‘free forever!!!!!!!’ when he delivered that memorable speech on the eve of independence. Anyway, he declaring this country a free state will merely be described as a remarkable oral presentation if it is not really seen in our lives.

One of the philosophies I uphold in life strongly is that, the general condition of a country reflects the individual conditions of the citizens. Meaning the state of the nation represents  the collective states of the individual citizens of the country. If you would agree with me that there is a certain level of truth in this statement, then you might just agree too when I say this country is not necessarily…

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