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21st April 2013

Sometimes all you need to do is show up!


22nd April 2013

Live a life, NOT a lifestyle!!!

Live Life

23rd April 2013

Don’t go dubbing someone else’s style just because. Find yours and work it!


24th April 2013



24th April 2013

 Time moves – whether fast or slow. The point is ‘It moves’ so move with it!


26th April 2013

Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising up every time we fall.

Fall and Rise

27th April 2013

You know what worry does? – Robs today of its joy and tomorrow of its possibilities.


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14th April 2013

Wash your face every morning in a bath of praise.


15th April 2013

The value of a thing is shown in the time invested in it.


16th April 2013

No matter how long the night is, there is always morning after.

Light after Dark

17th April 2013

There is a difference between between influence and authority.

Influence and Authority

18th April 2013

Follow principles, get success!

Principle to Success

19th April 2013

Age is just a number, maturity is a choice.



20th April 2013

Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret.


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Love TAD

I wanna use this post to appreciate three very important people in my life who I don’t tell very much that I love them – my brothers and sister.

My sister has raved and ranted over the fact that I did a Super Dad post and a My Mama – My Love  post for my parents on their birthdays and ignored hers and my brother ‘s  which happened to fall in between. Well, she didn’t so much rave and rant as point it out but still … -_- Oh well!
Anyway, I love Toromo to pieces (nobody should send her this link or else!!!). She was  my first best friend – and I don’t do best friends – until she read my diary and told my mum about the boy I was crushing on. (Yeah I know, mushy mushy stuff!) All the same, we’ve had our fights as any two normal humans in a relationship have but what amazes people (dare I say pisses off a few of ’em) is the fact that we still hug during welcome in church on Sunday – It always happens before I realise it and its cute (albeit in a corny way). Did I say I love my sister? Oh yeah I did 🙂 She’s been at the receiving end of some transferred aggression and I hers but we still tight no matter what!


The second person here is my first brother, Abisayo. He’s all grown up now and his voice is even breaking 😦 I feel old! I remember when he was in my house all the time and then he stopped coming ‘cos he realised ‘we were girls’. I mean it was just my sister and I then but we had video games and all so it probably took a while to sink in. Well, when it did, he stopped coming as often and then my other brother was born. Then I had two brothers again. It was awesome, watching them bond, then fight then bond again, dragging me into wrestling matches and playing football (like I’m supposed to be a lady guys!) or kicking me at night when I had the ‘privilege’ of sleeping in the same room (my sister and I had our beds joined then we would lie across them. Fun times!!! 🙂 ). I don’t tell him enough but I love him love him love him. He’s my cousin by the way before y’all go start thinking he’s some random stranger :-p He’s always going to be my first brother!

Last but definitely not least is my one and only … *drum roll please* Dee!!!  I love Denrele scarra even though we fight as in literally and I just grab his hands and use my legs to hold him down (he won’t let me do that anymore though, he can fight his way out now 😦 ). He’s just one of the smartest kids I know. Once he puts his mind to something he sets out to do it and he cannot be intimidated. He needs more friends his age though – all his friends are all grown up! Some are even older than I am and that’s old for him!!! We love pranking Tee – Fun times 😉 and I hardly get upset with him so he knows when I do, I mean business! 🙂

I was listening to some voice notes on my laptop a while back and I found something four of us did a while back. It was ‘Lean on me’ – A sort of cover of the Glee Cast’s cover – and the intro (or was it the end) went something like this:

‘AB in the building (The one and only Abis) X-men Origin in the building (Denrele, though why he thought that up still baffles me) Shay in the building (Moi duh!) Romzy sef in the building (Who else is left? Toromo 🙂 )’ Then at the very end, T goes ‘Be be n lo, Be be n lo’, I mean who does that?

Well I just felt like writing today though I’m supposed to be reading ‘cos exams start on Monday 😦 and I decided that I love these guys too much to let any more details leave my head (I’ve been planning this post for a while).

So back to the books before I get sent back home and I’m no longer the ‘most awesomest‘ big sister in the world! Bye guys!!!
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Hope everyone had an awesome week last week. There were a few hicks at the beginning of the week so there are no tidbits for Sunday and Monday but here are those for the rest of the week!

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9th April 2013

The beauty of the truth is that you don’t have to believe it for it to stand.


10th April 2013

If you don’t hunger, you won’t be filled …


Why throw anything into your heart just to fill that space?

11th April 2013

Empty barrels make the loudest noise.

Coins vs. Paper

12th April 2013

Competition is healthy but jives and bull are deadly.


13th April 2013

They say something’s as easy as ABC but the ease of ABC is relative.


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Single is …. (I promise there’s something there :D)

Hehehe! Okay everyone … Here’s what I promised in yesterday’s post! 🙂
I was listening to Myles Munroe’s ‘Maximising Your Singleness’ the other day and I realised that most people don’t really understand what it means to be single. We believe that:

Singleness = Unmarried = Incomplete = Unhappy

I know at this point most of us would have started disagreeing and concluded that this is nonsense but humour me for a few minutes.
‘Why do most people rush into relationships with the first available person?’
‘Why do most people out of relationships (especially the girls) do whatever possible to make potential partners notice them?’
‘Why are most people willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how much they have to compromise on their standards, to keep their partners?’
These are just a few questions we should ask ourselves to catch a glimpse of how obsessed the society is with pairing.

‘Single’ is separate, unique and whole!

Separate means different and distinct, viewed as a unit apart or by itself – here’s the only part we acknowledge – not joined or united with others.
Unique refers to something that is the only one of its kind, unlike anything else.
Whole is complete or entire.

Let’s put them together:
 Single can be defined as a different and distinct entity, the only one of its kind, complete or entire viewed as a unit apart or by itself unlike anything else and usually not joined or united with others.

One major misconception in this life is looking for the right person instead of being the right person. Most people strive to be ‘paired’ that they forget to be single first. You know what amazes me most? You can’t be paired if you’re not whole – People don’t get that. Check this out:
If you’re a fraction, say 2/3. You meet a whole – that’s 1 and you’re supposed to form a pair, 2.

2/3 + 1 = 12/3

The union is never complete. At this stage, you’re trying to manage 12/3 so you can’t focus on building the fraction to make 2 but while you’re still ‘not joined’, it’s easier to build your 1 and become the right person ready to be paired.

Someone once said that our major problem in this generation is that we live in a fast track world – We want everything NOW!
In preparing to be the right person however, we invest more in our bodies than our minds forgetting that it takes more to sustain a relationship than our bodies. The funny part of it all is that in investing in our bodies, today’s society has somewhat accepted trashy for classy. Classy always has been ‘stylish AND sophisticated’.

Maximize your singleness, use it to develop your wholeness.
                Don’t just pick someone out because they are available. 
                                Be picked out because you are the picture of godly person.

Singleness is not a status but a quality of life.
The quality of a thing is determined by the time spent on it so to improve your quality …
Depend on God and allow Him lead you – when you need help, stop and ask Him for directions!

One more thing – remember that SINGLE is not ALONE. Man is a social being and therefore needs people around him. We need relationships just as ships relate with one another – We need to share our cargo with each other because we don’t carry all we need. Therefore do not be isolated or solitary. Use your singleness to find your purpose.

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