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Single is …

Teacher: Good day class. Today we’re having a mock quiz. Don’t worry it’s only two questions. One oral and the other written English so divide yourselves into groups. Four rows, four groups! (Students shuffle around). You have 15 minutes to answer this question. Start!

(After 15 minutes)

Teacher: Alright time’s up! I hope you have great essays seeing as I let more than one head do the thinking. Anyway each group send out a representative. I will be scoring on use of grammar, concordance and generally spoken English so no answer is wrong except it’s completely outrageous. Understood?
Class: Yes ma!
Teacher: Good! Now four of you face the class. Stand in the order you came out (little shuffling). You will all answer the same question and you cannot repeat someone else’s answer, okay? (nods all round). Define ‘SINGLE’.

Andre: Single is when you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
Teacher: Thank you. Next …
Telema: Single is one of something.
Teacher: Next person go ahead …
Junior: Single is a state of being unattached …
Heidi: Single is …
Junior: (cuts in) I’m not done. Single is a state of being unattached and alone.
Teacher: Are you done now? (Junior nods) Heidi go on …
Heidi: Single is to bring out one person from many people.

Teacher: Thank you class. Based on this little oral session, I’d like to make a few corrections. First of all, you should never define a word as ‘when’ something like Andre did. Girls (referring to Telema and Heidi), you restricted the definition – Heidi yours was to people only and Telema to things. My dear Junior ‘single’ does not mean alone. You should have quit while you were ahead but like I said I’m not grading based on your definitions. Have a great day.

What a boring story. I just wasted a few minutes of my life typing that and therefore you have to suffer through reading it as well :p Basically my next post should be about ‘Singleness’ NOT ‘Single People’ OR ‘Being Single’! Until then consider this, what would have been you definition for ‘Single’. Find out mine tomorrow 🙂 Have an awesome day!!!

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