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From the author:
“I was watching a stream flow and noticed how irregular this stream was, how it was not just irregular in flow, in terms of the movement of water and obstacles in its way but irregular in its character when compared to the environment I find myself and the nature of the standards the environment should(could) uphold. It took my mind back to Africa and our position in this world. How it should be the complete opposite as compared to the “times and possibilities” we live in. More especially Nigeria, my mind was cast back to images I had of commuters struggling every day as I ride by each morning out of my house, the push and shoves, the selfish show of love the attitude of hate the common man possessed in his eyes only because they now begin to realise ‘ what is, should not be’. I described the commuters as the bubbles the general attitude as hard surface, their eternal hope in the struggle as the soft inside e.t.c I’m trying to paint at the end a promise to not forget what I have understood, to strive to change it some how and last of all to sound like I mean it from the bottom of my heart. It is A message to my people”

Read and reflect! 🙂

Cocktail of words


Seated within my natures influence,
Yes my mind is heated.

The wear flows right, in a county were the night is bright.

The bubbles of so thick, so together. Flowing apart, they remind me of a people.
Yes, now we are far apart

The surface so soft, the water so hard.
I Tell no liesIt reminds me of a people afar

All moving apart, groups standing ajar, youths falling apart.
I tell no liesAll is moving Apart

The rush of the bubbles, their collisions, their struggles
I tell no liesit reminds me of a people afar

How dare I say we are Apart?
We are one? We are Joined
We are Ubiquitous, we are Joined
I tell no Lie, it reminds me of my people afar

3\4 of me is you, I am dynamic
I am different but I am from within

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