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The Star Shines On ….

One month on …
One month on earth without Ugo colours …
One month in heaven with Ugo light …
We still miss you one month on.

I can imagine you saying, ‘Guys its been a month already! Get over it!!!’
And then we’d laugh and Ibk would probably insult you and your ways.
But we know you’re probably in many departments in heaven right now …
You’re here and there and everywhere and brightening up heaven with a dash of you everywhere!

God just hadta have you back,
I guess your purpose was done.
Maybe it was to bring us all together, or to show us how to simply enjoy life
We – I – am grateful to God for us crossing paths.

I remember when we first sang together – Both of us had lost our voices
Then you came to dance with a cast on your leg … It was a funny sight but you were having fun
That’s just the way it should be.

So Ugo I’ve learnt to live and love
I’ve learnt to not take things for granted
I’ve learnt to appreciate those around me not just in my heart
I’ve learnt to live for the future yet in the moment
I’ve learnt that you can never run out of joy by sharing it
I’ve learnt that love hurts sometimes but we must still love
I’ve learnt that God above is God alone.

I knew some of these things before but I think I just learnt them
They say experience is the best teacher and I definitely got schooled
So Ugo Chidi till we meet again, tell God I learnt something
And you didn’t just go but you touched my life even after you were gone.

Btw ASUU is still on strike, you could have released that single and hammered o! 🙂

Rest in peace Starboy! We love you loads!!!
Ugo Chidi (1995 – 2013)