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2013 Reflections …

Year 2013 – Everyone’s writing what it taught them. Well, I discovered a lot about me this year as well. Let me try and highlight a few things …

I can be really selfish! I mean I really can ‘feel’ myself. I can go on and on about me and I can whine about everything that’s going wrong concerning me and then end it with a statement of the sort:
‘If not because of how I am …’
‘If I wasn’t the way I am ….’
‘He should thank God for how I was brought up, if not …’

I learnt that I feed off attention as much as I like to pride myself on being behind the scenes. I developed this false modesty/humility complex because I was too afraid to go in front of everyone and fail. If I absolutely had to do it, I would have because I’d have had someone to blame ultimately if it failed but with no one pushing me to do things I said I didn’t want to do, I had to stay in the background and smile a lot.

But this was me 2013 January before I realised that I really did have to sit up and strap in for the ride. I couldn’t keep hanging on the vehicle and complaining. I couldn’t keep moping and being alone for people to ask me what the problem was just so I could say I was fine and feel like I had a lot of problems on my shoulder. No! I needed some life shaking, head bursting, course changing experiences and those were exactly what I got!

Hold on one second, before you start thinking I had some Holy Ghost baptism in the middle of a stadium or I won a million dollar lottery, let me stop you! :p I basically just did a lot of things that were not routine me. It started on my birthday I guess … I didn’t plan to celebrate it but people came over and so I cheered up and everything seemed to shine brighter.

The next day, I had to rush a friend of mine to the hospital early in the morning and I almost went back to my victim mentality but somehow  my subconscious just won’t allow it. She wasn’t so sick anyway but she had to be admitted and was out that day or the next – can’t remember clearly. Then my debate journey began that night – at the KNUST  Annual Intehall NUGS Debate (I probably got the competition name wrong here please forgive me X_X). Well, I had a very interesting partner but I won’t go into details and we lost our debate. I blamed it on the bright lights, I blamed it on my partner, I blamed it on a headache, I blamed it on everyone but me. Typical! Without boring you with details there was a reshuffling I debated again and my new partner and I got to finals though we didn’t win but by then I was enjoying debating. That phase was seemingly over until I got a call to join the school’s debate team. Long and short of it, I found a new family!

Side note: British Parliamentary (BP) Debate Style is AH-MAZING!!!

Anyway, I had yet another partner and we debated at the Ghana Tertiary Debating Championship (GTDC). We were the first team to break – AWESOME!!! GTDC was another great experience. This was where I bonded with a lot of people and adopted my twin sister (I’m still older btw), and she’s just an amazing sister! (I love my Tee to pieces still :*). The platform was a great one and it took my debating to another level. I mean I’m a sportswoman now 😉

Then there was summer, working at a medical laboratory and blood bank, learning to bleed patients and take blood samples helped me make up my mind about entering the medical field. The lab experience was very eye opening especially because I had a hands-on one. It’s harder to forget what you did yourself.

Camp 2013 and its drama too! Oh that was one crazy week!! I met a lot of interesting people (I even had a camp daughter 😉 )!!! I had my Coldstone experiences 😀 and then Ugo’s moving on to higher ground 😦 (literally) 🙂 . At camp I discovered that it was sort of difficult to return to the old debating format (blame BP). Lol! Alright, moving on! I had stage fright when I was rapping, forgot all my lines! Great experience :D. I’m also not as vocal as I am on paper – I’m very shy it surprises even me!!! I’m working on that now though X_X

Planning bible studies for fellowship was a task in itself! I figured it was going to be a piece of cake – I mean what’s the big deal in writing a few questions down and dubbing the passage from somewhere on the internet right? No such luck! Long story short, it helped my writing and it helped my relationship with God!

So much more happened this year but I’ll stop here. Ganaija on facebook was not just me but you guys helped build that community, comments and likes and encouragement from other bloggers helped in ways they didn’t even realise and most of all, YOU! Every time I write, I know someone out there cares enough to read and that someone right now is YOU! I love you for even getting to this line 😉

2013 personally was my year of ‘Praising God anyhow’!
Happy 2014 in advance!!! I’ve dubbed it my year of ‘Love Unlimited’.

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Again, happy new year!!!



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