7, 6, 5, 4 ….

Just four days left – Wow! Time flies … Love One-Four in a bit. First of all though, someone asked me yesterday what exactly ‘Love One-Four’s about so I’ll try and break it down. Its a project – Different views on love from what love is to someone to another’s picture of perfect love to whether valentine’s day should celebrate love at all. In short, its a love festival and if you think you CAN get enough of love then come on board and see that different people really have different views which might not even be yours! Its ‘Love, love and more love!’ raining down on here so subscribe to receive notifications via mail and not miss any single day!

There’s the facebook Ganaija community waiting to have you on board and you can follow @Ghanaijachic on twitter too. By the way, little secret between us, it’s my birthday on Friday too *dancing*. Shhh! I’m turning …….. (Hehehe! You really didn’t think I’d put that yeah? :p)

Love One-FourIts a double countdown for me and I’m double excited! Four days to go. Let’s do this!!!


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