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A to Z part 2 …. 3 more days!

3 days to go till Love One-Four! So here’s part 2 of A to Z of love … Enjoy!!! 😀

Love One-Four

N             Nurses – It takes care of what has been put in its possession and helps it grow.

O             Overlooks –  Certain minor trivial issues that do not necessarily need to be dealt on.

P             Perseveres – Even when it seems like there’s no point in loving anymore!

Q             Questions – Doesn’t keep things within but asks to clarify issues and to get to know the other                            better 🙂

R             Respects – Your boundaries would not be crossed and I won’t try to test the limits of your                                  patience!

S              Sacrifices –  There are always compromises to be reached in every relationship.

T              Tries – To be better, to do better and generally live a life that won’t discomfort the loved.

U             Understands – That everyone makes mistakes and people really change.

V             Values – The opinions and ideas of the loved are as important as the lover’s.

W           Waits – It doesn’t force one party into making a decision they are not ready for.

X             Xenodochial – Is kind to strangers; yes! Just because it should be spread 🙂

Y             Yields ­- Something’s always produced even if it’s just the joy radiating from the two                                       parties!

Z              Zealous – Full of great energy or enthusiasm for the loved!

If you want to be a part of Love One-Four, send in a mail to!



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