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Picture Perfect Lover – Day 3

Its day 3! There are a few pieces that I wasn’t able to go through fully and I’m posting without editing … Au naturel! Lol … Anyway, this is one of them. Enjoy ‘Picture Perfect Lover’ by a new friend of mine. He’s pretty cool and we became friends because of a piece I saw he wrote so I just hadta have him on board! His name’s Jack and here are a few other pieces he’s written – Notes but for now, enjoy this one! 🙂

It was a hot afternoon, precisely some days into the new year. I decided to go swimming at a nearby pool. It’s actually my regular pool especially whenever I feel like confounding the insult of the sun. It’s popularly called Orange Resort. The pool is unique due to it’s depth and width. The heat from the sun drove me  there and when I reached, there were about seven people already having the time of their lives at the resort. 
      I went to the man I presume to be in charge of the pool and I greeted him. “Good afternoon sir.” 
      And with a smile, he replied, “Welcome my dear, happy new year.” 
       I nodded as I smiled back.
      “I want to swim.” 
      “You’re welcome, it’s just a thousand naira,” he said, maintaining a kind of friendliness he was known for.
      I brought out my wallet and paid him. He gave me a towel and I quickly took off to the changing room as the man said “Enjoy your swimming.” 
     “Thanks.” I responded rather chirpily.
     Some minutes later, I was around the ten feet area of the pool just observing the water. As I threw a back-flip somersault into the water, a thought crossed my mind… Earlier on, while in the changing room, some guys had undressed and were about to get into their swimming pants/trunks and while they were still figuring out who would use which outfit, some other guy who had finished dressing and about to go out of the changing room held the door and was about to open it when the naked guy screamed and held his hands to the door. “Haba guy, you wan show my body for outside?” 
We were about five guys in the changing room and we laughed till some people almost rolled on the floor. It was indeed a funny one. 
Not everybody knows how to do the somersault stunt in the pool. So when I did that, I was seen as a “professional swimmer”. (I’m still a learner o). My cousin and twin brother came in about an hour later to join me in the pool. Both are average swimmers just as I am. So we preferred to swim in the deeper section of the pool while the rest decided to swim around the two feet area which is shallow and accessible so to speak to them on that other end. It was fun and easy-going as we did our thing, dived some few times into the water, did a swimming competition and so on and so forth. 

Not long afterwards, the other guys who were swimming at the shallow area of the pool came around the deep area and sat by. As we got talking with all of them, I got to know some of their names. They really admired us and wanted to learn how to swim in the deep part of the pool; others wanted to see if they could cover a greater distance while others wanted to learn how to float in the deep area without their legs reaching the base, yet without drowning. So the trainings started. I noticed some people could swim already but were just afraid of the water.
     I remember one of them asking me… “Guy, are you a life guard?” 
     I answered, “No….” 
     He then looked at me and said, “No need for me to risk my life, it means you’re not even ready to save me”. 
     The sound of that statement made everyone burst into an unusual laughter.
One after the other, under serious supervision and surveillance, the amateur swimmers took their turns in “crossing the red sea” the best way they could. Through all these escapades, somebody caught my attention. She is dark-skinned, with permmed curly black hair, about five inches tall in height, slim and very sexy with a nice set of teeth to complement her smile, not to mention her charming eyes which best fit the Nigerian description of ‘Ajeboh pikin’, and most of all, she could swim and that’s what drew my attention to this damsel. Sad enough, that was the first and last time of seeing her(sobs). So there she was spreading her hands in opposite direction and swinging her legs like the fins of a fish (as her beautiful dark hair curled behind her back) and heading towards my direction. 
    “It seems you’re the only girl around that has perfected the art of swimming” I teased. 
    “Oh really?” She exclaimed.
    “Hhmm” I nodded.. 
    “Well thanks,” she added. 
    “So what’s the name?” I inquired. 
    “Loretta.” She replied hoping to get a comment on the name. 
    “Mine is Chris.” I said before adding a comment ”Your name is really sweet to say.” 
    So I left her and went to the edge of the pool, stretched my body like the athletes I normally see on TV, and in a twinkle of an eye, I dived in like a fish and got totally invisible. I resurfaced at the other end of the pool. Don’t ask me what that was for; you should know why. I wanted to make an impression and truly, I sure did. When I came out of the water, Loretta beckoned on me to come. I tapped my chest wanting to know if she was actually referring to me, and she nodded. 
So I got into the water from the shallow end and began to make some backstrokes until I got to her and she said to me; “I don’t know how to dive into the water without making a splash and I so hate it; could you please teach me how to dive? I see you’re really good at it.” she added.
     I felt like a teacher and it made my head swell. We went for the edge of the pool where I started teaching her the art of diving by first showing her some moves especially with how the hands and body should go while diving and after some good moves, she quickly adapted and did it quite well. She dived in and by the time she was swimming out, it was accompanied by a broad smile that carried beside it some sense of achievement and I felt really good about all of it.
You know how two people would decide to take a walk, so did Loretta and I decide to take “a walk” in the water. It was much easy with the availability of the swimming tube because we felt more relaxed and comfortable with it in the water. The idea was to get to know each other, you know; talk about things, us and other things. So we started our stroll and began talking academics, then family and relationships. I deduced she’s a very reserved person from her conversations. While we were talking, we noticed that two very lovely people came into the hotel premises. They had parked their white Toyota Camry sports car at the parking lot in the hotel premises and the handsome looking gentleman of about six feet plus, chocolate complexion and very muscular in build-up–to mention but a few–came out of the driver’s seat and walked round to the passenger’s seat where his spouse sat and opened the door for her to come out and he banged the door and remotely locked the car. He took her very portable handbag which I presumed had in it her swimming trunk and other women’s stuffs, held her with his right hand and together they approached the pool. The Lady was of average height.  she had a light skin color, had a beautiful set of teeth and wore a well-designed royal blue short gown that fitted perfectly exposing her expensive-looking set of legs that we couldn’t help but stare at. That guy was really proud of the woman he came with because he treated her like a queen. At this point where they went to negotiate the price for the swimming, I turned to Loretta and was about to ask her a question when I noticed that her gaze was unwaveringly fixed on these two love-birds. I wanted to tap her but didn’t, on second thought. I just let her stare as I stared too. They were lovely, trust my sense of judgement. You know how people often say, “these are a perfect match”: this was the best description for the couple. I had started thinking of how I would go to the gym to begin to work out my muscles, then I had started thinking of the kind of woman that would fit me. (No be easy tin o) I came back from that world of form when I heard Loretta’s voice in the world of reality. I quickly pinched myself to be sure I was in the pool both body and soul. 
     I then turned to Loretta and asked “What did you say please?”    
    And she said, “That’s how my relationship will look like” 
     I smiled out my response, still looking for the right thing to say at that moment. “So, do you have a picture of the perfect Lover?” I sounded rather pessimistic than inquisitive. 
      “I’m gonna tell you a story.” she said.
      A story in the pool? I asked myself. This is the best of fun I’ve ever imagined in a pool. “I’m all ears” I blurted out. 
  “Some few months ago, I met a guy. He is the best description of the perfect man. He is tall, fair in complexion. Very gentle and easy going. He is this muscular (posing with her shoulders high to illustrate). He has very sexy eyes and his nose is pointed.” I listened keenly as if to get something really really important from the whole gist. “We met at the entrance of a supermarket,” she continued. “He was making a phone call and looking sideways when we bumped into each other. The stuffs I bought fell off and as I tried to pick them up, he offered to help while apologizing. He never seemed to stop apologizing, so I smiled and told him not to worry. He seemed really unsatisfied and wanted to desperately correct that impression so he asked me out for lunch. I told him it was not necessary and he insisted, still pleading. Then I said to myself, how many of these kind of men do we still have around here? After I thought about how good looking and humble this guy is, I decided to give the harmless date a try. So I gave him my number and we agreed to have lunch the next day at Monty suites @ 1:00pm. It seemed like I could not just wait for the day of the lunch because I felt it took too long to come by but it finally did and at about 12:45pm I was already there. The long and short of the whole story is that we started dating. But there was something very different about him. He was such a careful and neat man….” so I responded immediately to that by cutting in; “Youknow men are generally known for their busy nature so they don’t always have that time for clean-ups as such.” She interrupted with “But Silas is very different, he works almost twelve hours a day and still has the time to make sure his home is neat. When we make out, he treats me like a queen. The atmosphere is just always perfect. The serenity is always that of romance. And he’ll play Luther Vandross’ BUY ME A ROSE and HELLO as well as other nice songs in his collections. As if he piles them up, you’ll hear other love songs like I DON’T KNOW MUCH BUT I KNOW I LOVE YOU and MY ENDLESS LOVE. I could go on and on and on… The curtains will be neatly closed and the fan will rotate at an average speed making the room warm. And when I walk in, he’ll lift me off the ground and carry me like a baby to the bed, he’ll then take off my shoes and kiss my feet. He’ll say things like, (If I could build a Perfect world, it’ll be a castle where you’ll be Queen and ride in horses with maidens around to attend to your needs). It was fiction and something that was not possible but when I look into his charming eyes, every word seems to be so true and correct that I begin to imagine another world where I am actually Queen of a big castle like we read in the fairy tales. He’ll then tell me to wait for a second, then he’ll go to the kitchen and bring out a pack of pineapple juice from the refrigerator with two wine glasses. He’ll pour me the juice drink and pour some into his glass. He’ll then make us to toast to an unending loving and blissful life. He’ll then look straight into my eyes and tell me how much he adores me.” Loretta, whose eyes were now closed, opened them, and looked at me and asked, “Have you ever had a weird feeling of losing something special because it’s just so perfect?” I shook my head in disagreement. And she said “That’s how I felt. He’ll always blow my mind off. He’ll then bring his face very close to mine, use his left hand to gently hold my neck from behind and romantically drag me close to himself and then softly kiss me. And guess what, his lips are so soft like that of a new-born. I’ll be so turned on that I’ll practically ask for more. As if he went to a school where he learnt how to kiss, he’ll kiss me till my entire body will be set on fire. He’ll carefully undress me and gently kiss my whole body. He’ll use his tongue to worship my breasts.” She closed her eyes again and put her hands between her laps and shivered for a second. “He’ll make love to me till I’ll reach orgasm. He was the best thing that had ever happened to me. He never complained about anything, he’ll take me to all the beautiful places and we’ll go shopping in all the nice boutiques, supermarkets, cosmetics shops, etc. He’s told me more than a million times that my smile is like Heaven itself.” 
    I then said to her; “If he has never been correct about anything, he is correct about that particular one. Your smile is adorable” 
     And with a smile that made me smile back so sheepishly, she said “Thanks Chris.” She paused for a while looking rather sad, so I asked her “So where is he now? Did you guys break up? What really happened?” 
    She still didn’t say a word; Her mood was gradually changing and I was becoming very uncomfortable though concerned. She then spoke after I called out her name thrice. “IT WAS ALL A DREAM.”

Love One-FourThat is someone’s picture perfect lover! I’m enjoying this so far, aren’t you? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section and join us again tomorrow for  our first ‘My Love Word‘ – Its special 🙂



I'm just different ... There's really no way to describe me because I'm a combination of a lot of strange characteristics. One thing's for sure though - I love to write and I love to read! Okay those were two things but ... Who Cares right? Lol ... Anyway have fun reading my blog and taking a peek into my ever exciting (yeah right!) life. Shay!

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