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Valentine’s Day and Love – Day 7

So like I promised, here’s Valentine’s day and love by @Esty_prinon. Hope your val’s day is going great!

Love One-Four

The day was almost over and I sat in my chair, reflecting on what I had experienced during the day; it didn’t seem like a very nice experience to me.
On that Thursday morning, the sun was shining, the flowers were looking bright, birds were singing love songs. I saw a young man hand flowers to a lady;
Later in the afternoon a couple were having lunch at The Choicest Restaurant. There was even a party at the senator’s house where everyone ate, drank and exchanged presents. “It was really valentine’s day”, I had thought.
But that man, the beggar who held out his arm to the woman dressed in a corporate suit was hoping to get something little, perhaps something to sustain him for the day. Why did she ignore him? There was a lonely child walking the streets; why couldn’t anybody talk to him?
What about the children in the orphanages, seeking to be loved and longing for someone to come and make them part of a family?
The prisoners stand locked up in cells, thinking everybody hates them and wishing for freedom to live among the rest of the world again.

Is Valentine’s day meant for lovers alone? – Certainly not!  It’s not only the people we know and see on a daily basis that deserve to be loved. There are people who are being hurt, abused; who suffer, pleading for help in one area or the other, yet what are we doing about it?
People it’s Valentine’s! Enjoy the day, have fun, spend time with your loved ones but also, PLEASE don’t forget to reach out to one person or two with a word of encouragement, a little gift or a song. Visit the prisoners and less privileged. Pray for people who are hurting . Do something that doesn’t happen usually. In just anyway you can make a person feel loved, make an effort. Do not love only those who love you and are close to you.
Make people happy today; Spread Love in the air, everywhere you go and make the day worth its name! 😀 ❤
Check this love song out!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

(P.S. For the song lyrics click here!)

Here’s more from Esther – Notes! Till tomorrow 😀



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