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What is the point of love? – Day 12

Today’s write in is by a naughty friend of mine – Yes naughty :p Her name’s Nkechi and she’s an amazing writer. I wish she’d write more often though 😦 She’s also a great artist and she loves me to pieces. Hehehe I said it on the world wide web! 😀 Wondering why love someone anyway? Let’s find out!

Really tough question huh? I have had my entire life to think about this, didn’t do a very good job at it though but in the past few months, I have come to realize that LOVE exists to give hope to the hopeless, to give a sense of belonging to many that feel out of place. It is an inward force that causes you to care for people extraordinarily without limits or regrets … Its difficult at first.

‘Love is like sweet tarts. They go in sour but finish off sweet.’

However do not be deceived by the things you see in the world about how love is expressed; real love is of God. The kind of love without conditions; the love that does not desire a return, love offered knowing that the person being loved cannot love back that way or does not deserve it.

*Picture this*

Love One-Four

Daisy, Michelle and Laura have been friends for more than half their lives; you would expect that at this point, nothing can separate them but then Michelle starts feeling jealous because she thinks Daisy and Laura have more time for themselves than they do for her and she feels cheated. Instead of voicing this out, she starts to build this volcanic mountain of hurt inside of her (sooner than later, she’s bound to erupt). Lets say she keeps a huge distance between them and stays on her own, hurting Daisy and Laura in the process; nothing gets solved and she ends up feeling more hurt than before.

Little things like this happen in recent times and grow into worse scenarios but love does not hold grudges or act out of hurt, love is not possessive, selfish, one-sided or proud, love pulls you back to happiness no matter how bad a mess you have been through, love heals shattered hearts, love speaks even in silence, love binds, erases bad memories, helps you grow … So what exactly is the point of love you ask? Love is life. A loveless person is a walking dead.

Who do you need to love today? Mend the cracks in your relationships before they become holes. Go back and love somebody who can’t love you back or who doesn’t deserve it! Till tomorrow again!!



I'm just different ... There's really no way to describe me because I'm a combination of a lot of strange characteristics. One thing's for sure though - I love to write and I love to read! Okay those were two things but ... Who Cares right? Lol ... Anyway have fun reading my blog and taking a peek into my ever exciting (yeah right!) life. Shay!

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