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Life of contrast ….

Life generally is full of contrast – its either hot or cold with various levels in between drifting from one level to the other constantly.

White is the presence of all colours and black is the absence of all colours – black or white! Since I’ve been extremely busy lately, I decided to do something short, quick and I’d appreciate your thoughts as well. I’ll give you two words or two phrases or two ANYTHING (lol) – then you give us your take on them. I’ll start!

Today we’ll start with ‘Unloving Critic vs. Uncritical Lover’! I literally just saw this quote – after I started writing! 😀Image



I think I’d rather an unloving critic than an uncritical lover mainly because criticisms can be constructive. I can choose what I want to work on and can also choose NOT to get hurt by your words but build me still! ‘Loving’ me so much that you won’t tell me what I’m doing wrong or what should be changed to better me, I don’t think I can stand. I need feedback mehn ‘cos that’s what communication is all about. That’s my take. What’s yours? Unloving critic or Uncritical Lover? 🙂