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This year I dubbed my ‘Year of Love Unlimited’ and God’s been teaching me about love in different amazing ways! Read this and be blessed!!!


Ever watched a movie and felt like “No, don’t do that” “it shouldn’t have happened that way” “if he had done it like this, it’ll have been better” Anyone?  Okay so I’m watching this movie and I pause for a moment. And for the very first time, I understand what it must feel like for God up there in heaven. When we make all the wrong decisions and go the wrong way, He’s probably just there saying “No! Don’t!” “It won’t turn out well” Like Duhh! He already knows the end from the beginning.
       And with this realization comes a new found respect for God. When there’s a character in a movie or series that I’m attached to, I almost wish I had the power to reach in there and stop him from making that wrong move. Then I remember that I don’t have a say. It’s…

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He’s been there too

Okay so Lecrae’s new album #Anomaly drops August 2014 and I’m super excited so I got caught up in the craze and did this!



Again I found a poem I wrote a while back on my laptop so enjoy! Feel free to write your #Anomaly … Start with your name and end with ‘Hashtag Anomaly’ (#Anomaly). You can tag me on Instagram @gods_gidi_gal, mention on twitter @Ghanaijachic or post it on Ganaija page on facebook. Love y’all!

Here we go …

It’s tough sometimes I know
Seems things get harder as we grow,
They don’t just come like before – neatly wrapped with a bow.

Yesterday was that, today’s another arrow
Who knows what will be tomorrow?
Who knows if there will be more sorrow?

Shut up and wake up!
He knows – Jesus knows!

He’s been through it all
Have you tried giving Him a call?
He wants to make sure you don’t fall
And if you do, to help you stand tall

Been betrayed? He has been too.
Feel unappreciated? You have no clue.
They tried to find fault in everything Christ would do.

Tempted? He was – and by the devil himself.
Experiencing pain? He felt every nail pierced into his self.
Can you imagine that kind of pain?

Every nerve in His body, every artery, every vein
He bled till He could bleed no more
Water poured out of Him till He was sore
But He hung on because of me
Because His love for me was all He could see
So I can live in God – the best me I can be

From His Spirit I was disconnected
but through Jesus I was reconnected
Now I’m so connected
And I stand corrected
Only because He loves me.

His instructions are not for your destruction
Just for our perfection.
He didn’t save you by His grace so you can live a life of disgrace!

They say being born again is just a perspective
But we all need it ‘cos the first birth’s defective
You need Christ to make your life effective
Quit being ‘objective’, revise your motive.
Are you staying back just to ‘catch your fun
To live in the scene, men you’re living in sin
The devil tries to twist your mind, He’s an experienced con
So stand up and cling to Christ – God’s only Son.

I’m a SPICE – Special Person in God’s Eye
My vision’s PULSE – Patterning (My) Life Style for Eternity
Not PLUS – Patterning Life (My) Style
Not just adding and getting fat on worldly riches.

I want something far out of earth’s reaches
God is real and He still searches
For a heart to love Him totally
To seek Him wholly
Sold out to Him fully.
Is that you?
Think about it! And don’t forget to post your anomaly. I’d love to see them!

P.S. Check out my latest book review on ‘The Five Love Languages‘, post coming soon!!!

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James One-One

‘James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.’

I remember a while back, we were studying the book of James in bible study and it was really interesting. You guys should study it too. If you need an outline, send a mail to and I’ll get back to you. What I actually wanted to talk about today is chapter 1 verse 1 – Just two things though.


The first about being a servant and the second is about knowing who you are.

So let’s get started – Its pretty short and quick! Who is a servant? A servant is a person employed to perform duties for others, especially in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant. Now, James being a servant of God means that he’s sold out to God. One statement I heard today that really amazed me is ‘The servant’s work is not the work of provision’. In our walk with God, we seem fine with Christ being our Savior but can’t comprehend the Lord part of it. As Lord, he’s our master and we need not worry about certain details. The servant works and does his part while the master provides for the house – the servant doesn’t have to worry about security or feeding if that is not his job description. It basically means that if he remains a good and faithful servant, he needs not worry about his master rewarding him. Since you asked Christ to be your Lord and Savior, have you let him be your Lord?

Reflect again – Can you describe yourself in just 10 words? It might seem small but ten words is a lot of space to describe yourself. What exactly do you stand for? How exactly do people see you? James could summarize himself in just 10 words – ‘A servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ’. Who are you?