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To her Lover…

This was written by Ijeoma Unachukwu, one of the smartest people I know and soon to be oga the law! She amazes me with the amount of energy she has and when I read this about a year ago, I knew I had to put it up so cheers to all of you – This is from IJ!!

All she needs is His presence
The sweet fragrance of His face
The gentle feel of His arms wrapping her gently yet jealously
Oh! To fall before Him in awe
Where His peace is her pillow and His kisses her duvet
For she knows her Lord is here

All she wants is His love
For it gives more satisfaction than life itself
Only His love can reach into her very soul
And wash away the dreadful scars of her past
She has wandered desperately for years
Looking for what can only be made supernaturally
Oh how sour the love of man is!
For she has tasted the sweetness of love that cannot be conjured in any cuisine
He has loved her into wholeness
Out of her past into His wondrous light
And now her name is Gomer: Complete

She asks herself why?
Why are my sisters so desperate today?
Substituting romance for love
Depending on mortal hands for temporary bliss
Look up sisters! Look up!
That which you seek has ever been by your side
Open your eyes to the wonders of His love
For your Lord is frantically knocking at your door

Ultimately, on the night of the day we call St. Valentine’s Day
While sisters sway in the arms of their lovers
She is in the finger of THE LOVER who cuddles her through the nights into the ages
Swaying to the music of creation
Moving to the rhythm of His love as it reaches into her soul
Kissing the pain away
Eating the bread of his breath which is His Word
The glister in her eyes like Christmas lights
Her smile as wide as the ocean
She is the envy of all yet adored by The One: her Lord and her Savior

Then He says to her “I love you”
And that was all she needed to melt in His arms

She titled it ‘a virtuous woman on valentine’s day’ but I see more than that – I see a woman in love with her Lord!

Happy valentines day guys!!! :*:*:

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