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The Stalker

Once upon a time, I had a stalker. We got down from the same keke and crossed the same road. He walked behind me through the same shortcuts and turned the same turns. We walked to the same estate and greeted the same people.

We stopped to talk and walked home and walked to the same block. So my stalker if ever you’re reading this, I know you’re not a stalker but I never did get your name. I’m two houses away so just knock and say you’re the stalker looking for me and I’ll know. Then I’ll tell you my name and we’ll live happily ever after.

Hey guys! Haven’t written in a while so I just decided to colour this page a bit. This story kind of really happened two days back on my way from work and I’m still waiting to see if I can find the young man.

P.S. He wasn’t a real stalker. 

Have an awesome weekend guys!!!

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I'm just different ... There's really no way to describe me because I'm a combination of a lot of strange characteristics. One thing's for sure though - I love to write and I love to read! Okay those were two things but ... Who Cares right? Lol ... Anyway have fun reading my blog and taking a peek into my ever exciting (yeah right!) life. Shay!

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