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Unravelling Nigeria

Guess what guys??? I stumbled upon something awesome and usually I’d have waited a while before posting something else up but really I couldn’t so here goes!

‘Unravelling Nigeria’ is a tourism blog showcasing different destinations in Nigeria! It’s awesome to see Nigeria through her eyes and discover new places all over. You need to check it out – just click here!

Lekki Conservation Centre
Lekki Conservation Centre
Ikogosi Spring
Ikogosi Spring

First things first, go to YouTube and like this video ASAP!! Click now before you go on

Don’t worry it’s not spam. I put it there myself I promise! If you’re not convinced, go to YouTube channel Unravelling Nigeria and check out ‘What Travel Means To Me’ video. Like it and share it pretty please – Its a taste of what the blog’s about!

Unravelling Nigeria

For loads and loads of pictures, follow on Instagram @unravellingnigeria but you still need to check out the blog for details!!!

Love you guys muchos and Ramadan kareem to all our Muslims out there!

Tata for now,

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You’re the man!!!

Hi guys! I was watching a movie the other day and one thing struck me. (By the way the movie is Catching Faith, you really should watch it!)
It’s really easy to get lost in the praises of men especially if you feel you deserve the new level you’ve acquired but one thing we need to constantly remind ourselves about is to give God His glory.
A lot of us have mistaken giving God glory for a ‘mouth’ thing rather than a ‘heart’ thing. Your lips may be saying ‘We thank God’ but is your heart in agreement?
Another thing is the how. We live in a ‘the end justifies the means’ generation but are children of a God of integrity – meaning doing right in season and out of season.‎ 2 Samuel 12:7a ‘…You’re the man!’ but God wasn’t pleased with David. The world may sound like they are hailing you but God is not pleased with you and vice versa. Always remember God over everything else!

Youre the man
So celebrate achievements, celebrate achievers and the next time someone tells you ‘You’re the man!’, take a deep breath and think, would God have something good to say about me? Would He really be proud of me?

Until next time, me love ya,


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Popping in… Trying to stay In

Hey guys! So i’m in your notifications today. Haven’t been here in a very long while and this time I promise to try to be more consistent – I have a little more time on my hands now.

Anyway how have you all been? I like to hear from you so follow on twitter @ganaijachic and like the Facebook page Ganaija as well! Comment comment comment!!! I love to see your comments 🙂 That’s all I popped in to say plus happy new month and I love you guys! Before I go though, here’s a quick thought; Don’t forget to share your opinion!


The world today has really corrupted the word faithfulness with so many loopholes being given permission to thrive. You hear statements like ‘Oh i’m only taking a 5 minute break from watching the gate’ or ‘What we shared was a peck not a kiss’..

The first dictionary definition is ‘ to be strict and thorough in performance of one’s duty’ and if you don’t understand that one the second one makes it very clear ‘true to ones promises, word, vow etc’. So yes everyone has the tendency to cheat – on responsibilities and maybe on people; everyone also has the ability and will to make a choice NOT to. It’s hard but it is possible.

All men cheat
Recently someone told me that all men cheat so I have to ask – Do all men cheat? What’s your opinion?

So I’m signing off for now with the major schools of thought I’ve gotten so far – You either close your eyes to it and appreciate that he respects you enough to do it behind you or you have a zero tolerance policy. Do you agree with any? Share your thoughts!

Men cheat