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Welcome to my Lagos

I’m up at this hour and I remembered a conversation I had a few days ago; it inspired this post so ganaija fam, Welcome to my Lagos!!!

Welcome to my Lagos, where many people leave home on or before 5am to get to work for 8am.

Welcome to my Lagos, where the difference between 6 and 6.30 can translate to two extra hours on the road.

Welcome to my Lagos, where a keke driver would collect that dirty note that your mallam would reject just because he needs change. 

Welcome to my Lagos, where your job description never states all you would do.

Welcome to my Lagos, where a man can be peeing on the road and having a very loud phone conversation, drawing attention to himself and is not in the least bit worried.

Welcome to my Lagos, where the bus conductor makes people friends by force – ‘Oya I go join una two. I no get change’.

Welcome to my Lagos, where there is entertainment at every corner – whether it’s the bus drivers hustling for passengers or the students’ stories as they are coming back from school or the woman selling dundun and akara with her two children running around her and the fire or the young trader trying to get people to come into his shop. If none of these is around you, just come out and watch the drivers on Lagos streets – they are entertainment enough for you!

Welcome to my Lagos, where a keke driver would tell you to raise your legs and hang them in his machine to avoid splashing of water when you’re going through one of Lagos’ many temporary rivers after a heavy rain! 

Welcome to my Lagos, where you can decide to dress up on a Saturday morning and walk the streets and find the perfect party to crash!

Welcome to my Lagos that never sleeps! There is always about the same amount of traffic at all hours with people substituting for vehicles at later hours.

Welcome to my Lagos, where in the midst of chaos, there are glimpses of peace and sanity which you can choose to dwell in for a bit because the you’re definitely coming back to face the chaos.

Welcome to my Lagos, where there is a method to its madness, a beauty to its confusion and a creativity to its hustle.

Welcome to MY Lagos!
What does yours look like?

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Hi guys,
I read a blog post yesterday and it challenged me. I need to stop making excuses for everything … I need to be disciplined and be firm with my decisions.

When I say I’m going to wake up by 4, I shouldn’t snooze the alarm and say 4.30’s still fine.

When I can’t get a post up in the time I promised, I shouldn’t blame the internet or the fact that I don’t have a laptop.

When someone tells me I’m putting on weight, I shouldn’t blame my late nights or early mornings.

My actions are my responsibility. I should learn to live life deliberately. I understand that ‘time’ and ‘chance’ happen to us all but we shouldn’t be reactors.

That’s my N3.50 this Sunday morning!

Discipline is something I’m struggling with especially when it comes to procrastinating ….

In other news and on a final note, I just want to appreciate two of my mummies for no other reason than the fact that I love them – Aunty Bisi Adesida a.k.a big mummy and Aunty Kemi Akintola.

I know they are not perfect and they have their issues too but they are mine and they’ve blessed me in ways i cannot begin to list. Thanks for being awesome, thanks for being you.

So ganaija fam till next post,

Shay a.k.a Ghanaijachic
(I really need to do something about my identity right? Lol!)