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The things we take for granted

Hi guys! I saw a picture today which I’m pretty sure has gone viral! It’s Kanye West’s sweater or top or cardigan or whatever it’s supposed to be (Forgive me for being fashion backward).

Anyway, the image got me thinking – this guy is so confident that what I can get by putting a rat in with my sweater for about an hour or two, would sell for$2,500 because its his brand!!! That’s big time packaging! This is someone’s clothing that we usually look down on because it looks like yesterday’s rags but once it’s designer, then it’s good to go.

How many of us have despised the blessings around us because they looked like this sweater and not a leather jacket? The value of your bblessing isn’t in its appearance but in the price you place on it. Sometimes we stare too much at a N3000 sweater because it looks good that we don’t appreciate our $2,500 ‘torn up’ blessing.

Bottom line of my plenty talk – Don’t compare your blessings with others. Your ‘wow!’ blessing may be no big deal to someone else and your ‘little’ blessing might just make someone else’s day so appreciate the little things as well as the big things – despite the packages they come in.


#GratitudeAttitude is just 25 days away … We’re gonna make it trend and I need you guys too!!!

Have a great ‘rest of the week’!!!





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