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Merry Christmas

Once again I really do appreciate everyone who participated in #GratitudeAttitude no matter how ‘little’ you think you did. It just goes to show me that there are people out there who care. about are somewhat impacted by the words on here so again Thank you!

For all the likes and all the follows and all the comments and all the silent reads, I’m grateful!

Finally I’m sorry for whoever I might have offended – in person or by not replying a comment in time or anyway I have, I love you all and here’s a little Christmas poem for you!

Merry Christmas
Down in a cradle the baby lay
Our saviour has been born today
Wise men from orient came with gold
To see the wonder and mystery that the angel told
What a wonderful glory for the world to behold
A new Chapter is about to Unfold
A son who has come to save millions of souls
Mary and Joseph were tenderly rocking A king stood by and was scheming and plotting
He and his nobles were patiently watching
So the wise men they tried to convince
With treasures and pleasure and so many things
They sent them on a brutal mission to end the hope of all the nations
On their way they met the angel
Who warned them and gave them good counsel
They went away ignoring the king to see the King of kings
So we have set a date apart
To express the Joy that is in our heart
With hymns and messages to remind us of the reason for the season
We gather together to celebrate this special occasion
One central theme of the hymns we sing
Is the message of hope,Joy and Love this baby brings
So as we celebrate this Christmas
Let the message of hope through you be spread
Let the Joy of Christ on others be shared
Make your love bring peace to those who are scared
Remember! There are many out there who cannot join in the celebration
Take out time to say a prayer for them and thank God for the privilege you have
Don’t let anything spoil your Joy
Again remember that Christ is the reason for the season
Do something that will show that you Love Him, because He loves you

From #RealTalk, I say Merry Christmas. May the Joy of the season be yours, May the love of Christ surround you and all yours.


By Kolade Iwayemi (I don’t think I’ve done a guest writer intro for him yet. Oh well, next year! 🙂 )

Merry Christmas guys!


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Grateful for the little drops…

I’ve been really handicapped Internet wise so I haven’t really been able to push #GratitudeAttitude but today I’m grateful for those of you who still went ahead to do something ..


So thank you Ganaija fam! 4 more days days #GratitudeAttitude and merry Christmas in advance!


Ghanaijachic 🙂

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Kick off!

#GratitudeAttitude is officially here!!!

Can I get a whoop whoop!

Post on Ganaija page on Facebook with the hashtag #GratitudeAttitude. Don’t forget to like the page before you leave!

Post a picture or a clip on Instagram an tag @ghanaijachic. Follow and shout out for a follow back. Don’t forget the hashtag #GratitudeAttitude.

There’s also twitter! Post a picture and a tweet or just say something your Grateful for. Follow @Ghanaijachic and remember to use the hashtag #GratitudeAttitude.

December 13th to 24th December!

We can do this! Let’s storm social media with #GratitudeAttitude!!

On here, I’ll start with this GTBank channel post…