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Faith Nugget 2

Hi guys! This is faith nugget number 2!!! It’s apparently harder to explain these things than I thought x_x but I hope you all get a message or two from these nuggets.

We all know Abraham was a man of faith and Genesis 26:24 God appeared to Isaac and told him, ”… I will bless you and multiply your offspring because of My servant Abraham.” (HCSB)
Imagine that! Abraham left a legacy of faith for his son to follow – not only that, God was still talking about him!


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In Matthew 23:35 and 1 John 3:12, Abel is still being referred to, described as good and righteousness, long after his generation!!!

When we act in faith, no matter the outcome, our faith can still speak for us. God’s plan leads us to an expected end and if we have faith and put it to work, God can continue to use us to boast.

Now some people want to run from being boasted about because of what happened to Job. I’ll just sit here looking while I count my blessings :p

Anyway, faith leaves a legacy not just for your children to follow and benefit from but for the whole world too. They learn from your example that you can always just ‘Faith Reality’.

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