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Faith Nuggets

Hello everyone! This third nugget is about protocol breaking faith 🙂

Yes you heard right! Protocol breaking faith – Faith can cause protocols to be broken for your sake.


Look closely at the stories of Saul and David in 1 Sam 15: 24 -30 especially verse 30 and 2 Sam 12: 11- 14 respectively. Ultimately Saul died ‘for his unfaithfulness to the Lord because he did not keep the Lords word …’ (1 Chronicles 10:13). Personally I feel Saul was just about the image, he didn’t have faith in God anymore at that point but David was still sold out to God and truly repentant. This didn’t rule out consequences (the child had to die), but ultimately God ‘took away his sin so (he) would not die’.
God still spared him. There are other instances I can pick out based on David alone but you can see that his relationship with God was special and God broke protocol for his sake.
God is a God of principle but He’s also a dynamic God – turning things around yet remaining the same. So if its protocol delaying you from taking the position He’s planned for your ‘right now’, have a little faith in Him and see what can happen!!!

Enoch did not have to follow due process – that all men die. God just transferred him to be with Him.

Faith can indeed break protocols – If God is your friend, He can break protocol just for YOUR sake!!!

Hope you guys are learning something …

Yours in writing, ( that sounded way cooler in my head 😉 )