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Love One Four 16.2

In case you missed the last post:

Love is Patient

“ … Love is kind.”

Another word that is very common and not fully understood is ‘kind’. Kind means having a benevolent, courteous, friendly, generous, gentle, liberal, sympathetic or warm hearted nature or disposition, marked by consideration for – and service to – others. Our next writer is someone I like to call kind – she’s Miss Dela Ogbemudia. She’s an amazing singer, dancer and human being in general. Follow her on instagram @dela_ogb2 for Dela quotes.





Here’s ‘Love is Kind’ by Dela:


Love happens to be a topic that has been discussed for centuries now and would still be discussed in the nearest future. It’s something that not everyone can comprehend its true meaning. Some people don’t even believe love exists but trust me it does. This is obviously going to seem cliche but ‘love is not what we feel’ because feelings are temporary but love is a Person and that Person is Jesus and the only way we can truly love is if He teaches us.

Looking at 1st Corinthians 13 (yes the most basic scripture about love that virtually all Christians refer to when talking about love), we clearly see how amazing love is and trust me if you compare it with your human understanding of love you’d realize that your understanding falters in a lot of ways (if not in every way). For everything about love that was written in that passage of the bible, we see true love builds good character or habits and based on that context I’d be narrowing my scope down to “Love Being Kind”.

 2016-06-15 13.09.00


We all know kindness is about giving but trust me – human kindness always has a limit but God’s kindness doesn’t. He just keeps giving because that is His nature, He can’t help but love you even when you do wrong (but that doesn’t mean you should continue doing wrong). The Essence of Christ dying on the Cross of cavalry for our sins is by far the kindest gesture anyone has ever and will ever do, that can only be done out of love.

Being kind isn’t limited to what you give but how you see people, how you treat people, your actions towards people… and this is the typical lifestyle of Jesus Christ. He was always giving, His time, Energy, knowledge, Power, support, encouragement, prayers… because He knew what He was after not even for Himself but for you and me. Hence today we can boldly call ourselves Christians because our faith is based on His resurrection.

God wants what is best for you –


Jeremiah 29:11

‘His thoughts for us are of peace and not of evil to bring us to an “expected end”’


meaning that the end He has for you is obviously a good one.


3rd John 1:2

‘He wants us to prosper and be in good health just as our souls prosper as well’


These are God’s wishes for us; they are wishes because we have freewill and so God has great plans for us but it is our freewill that’ll help us decide if we want those great wishes or plans to come to pass or we want to follow our own plans which only might work here and end here on earth but Gods plans for us are for eternity.

Some people feel that because they don’t have some things they want it means God isn’t kind to them or doesn’t love them but I bet even if God gave you everything you want you’d never be satisfied because you’ll keep wanting more and not everything you want is good for you. He knows everything you need but He wants you to seek Him first and at the right time you’ll get all that you need (not want, take note). His love never fails – if you truly have a relationship with God and you’ve gone through some hard times like I have (another story for another day and P.S. I’m not saying my relationship with God is exactly perfect but you know, I try…), you’ll definitely understand what I mean when I say His love never fails). There are times when I’ve done terrible things but I can still feeling Him calling out to me, not letting go, so consistent ( there’s no way you can backslide when you have some understanding of God’s love, His love will not even allow you backslide). True love never fails, it’s always correct, faithful, has perfect timing…



When it comes to what love truly is from God’s perspective, there is just so much to say because perfect love is endless, inexplicable, so I would keep writing and writing until I realize I’ve written for a couple of years and I’m still writing because I’m still not done understanding the perfect love of God. You trying to fully understand it is like you going deeper into a black hole of some knowledge that goes on forever… Today I want you to look at Gods love and use it as a compass for your everyday life.


Being kind is not limited to just giving – there are many other factors involved. Again, true love does not mean being kind to people you know, are related to or can be kind back. True love is kind even when the other can’t be kind back – true love is kind even when the other person is actually pretty mean.

‘’Love never fails.’’





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